Wednesday, November 5, 2014

So thankful

I've done the month long Thankful series posts on Facebook before, and this year I even thought of doing a series on Instagram, for like a second. But I figured, if I do a blog post, add to it each day and post it at the end, that'd be best.

Better for me to catch up when I miss a day. And, trust me, it happens. (In truth, I'm starting this on the 5th!)

Here goes :

Nov 1 : my husband. He's my best friend, my partner in crime, my rock, and my everything. He does so much for me, for our little family. I am so blessed to have him in my life, so blessed to be married to him. 

Nov 2 : my home. I look around and see a mess of toys and stuff. But I am so grateful for the walls I have to raise my boys in. The walls that keep my little family warm and safe.

Nov 3 : my marriage. I am so grateful to have my companion, so grateful for our eternal perspective on this relationship. I am so grateful to have him, to have found him. I love my marriage. I cherish my marriage and relationship so much. I love him. 

Nov 4 : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love this gospel and all the peace it brings. What glorious promises and blessings are in store! The people are not perfect, but the gospel is.

Nov 5 : The Atonement of my Savior. It took me a while to feel like I could be forgiven. Why on earth would He forgive me?! Look what I've done, there's no way. But His atoning sacrifice is for EVERYONE! I see how blessed my life is because I have lived both sides of the spectrum.

Nov 6 : little successes. Things have been hard lately, but when we have those little successes, it makes everything seems more attainable, more doable. Look out world.

Nov 7 : The family I grew up in. Today is my younger brother's birthday. He's 17! Holy crap. I am so blessed to have my family. I love them.

Nov 8 : my little Colonel. Good heavens, you sure did give us a scare, but we are so blessed that everything worked out and you're happy and healthy and so gosh darn strong!

Nov 9 : my Danger. You turn 3 today! What that?! How did that happen?? I am so grateful for you, every day I am. I love you. You have blessed our lives so wonderfully.

Nov 10 : I'm a mother. I love being a mom. It has changed my whole world. I am so so grateful to my miracle babies, so grateful to have been blessed with them.

Nov 11 : the soldiers. All I can ever say, is Thank you. And it will never be  enough. Never will those words capture just how grateful and thankful I am. Thankful that I can raise my boys in a home that is mine, surrounded by stuff that is mine, with the beliefs and feelings that are mine, married to the man of my choosing in the place of my choosing. Thank you for all of the comforts and blessings my family enjoys. Thank you for the opportunities we have, the rights that we have. Thank you. Just plain and simple, but honestly, not enough, THANK YOU dear soldiers. Thank you to the ones who have served, are serving, and will choose to serve. Thank you.

Nov 12 : our vehicles. We are truly blessed to have our cars. I'm so grateful that Shark has a car to drive to work, that I have a grocery getter, and that he has an adventure truck. I know how fortunate we are to have our cars. 

Nov 13 : modern medicine. Without it, I would really not be here. And even if I was, I know my miracle boys would not be. I see how far the medical world has come in 20 years and look forward to seeing what's in store in the next 20. 

Nov 14 : my husband's job. His job kind of is awful, cuz it's so far away but his job really is a blessing and I am so thankful for all his job does for us.

Nov 15 : staying home. I'm grateful for the opportunity to stay home with my rugrats. It's hard, but I am so very happy to be with them. I am so blessed.

Nov 16 : modern travel. How awesome is it that we can travel thousands of miles in a matter of hours?! Seriously! My family is in WI and we're in UT, we can fly to them in 3 hours. Or drive in 24. It sure beats MONTHS.

Nov 17 : all the ideas I can search thru on pinterest. I know that sounds stupid, but I find so much stuff on there. Things that help me out around the house, help with sickness, potty training, teething, siblings, dating my husband, cooking. I can find it!

Nov 18 : donuts. They make my little boy so freaking happy, they are filled with deliciousness and rather inexpensive. Sure, I'll plaster a smile on my child's face for 55¢.

Nov 19 : crafting. It helps keep my mind off all the crazy holiday stresses. It helps me not go crazy. It keeps me busy and I love making things.

Nov 20 : my strong boys, who get stronger every single day. Seriously, every single day they get stronger. Last week, Colonel wasn't showing any signs of teeth, besides being fussy, and now they are SO close to popping. He is climbing all over EVERYTHING. Last week he didn't look at the stairs, didn't pull himself up, now he goes to the stairs everytime and he pull himself up on everything. Danger now poops and pees in the potty every time. Last week, he did not. My boys are so big. And tomorrow they will be bigger than they were today, just a little, but they will still be bigger.

Nov 21 : my love of reading. I love finding new books to read. And I love being transported to new worlds. I love learning of my Savior, of His life, of His teachings. I love reading faith-building books. I love it.

Nov 22 : friends. I am so very grateful for my friends. They have helped thru some very hard times. I am so blessed in the people who have come into my life. I love you.

Nov 23 : inspirations and feeling the spirit. I am so grateful the Holy Spirit whispers to me. And I am grateful that I hearken to the whisperings of The Spirit.

Nov 24 : family traditions. From watching football to a certain grape punch, from Easter egg hunts to stockings. I've enjoyed melding our family's traditions. We've still got some perfecting to do but most families do.

Nov 25 : that I see the blessings in my life. I have a wonderful life and I am so so SO very grateful that I can see the blessings in my life, that I can show my gratitude.

Nov 26 : family. I love my little family. My boys, my husband, my dog. I love the family I grew up in. I love my in law family. I love the friends that have become my family. I am so blessed that I have them. So very grateful.

I know some of them are silly, but I truly am thankful. I really do have a great life, and I'm grateful that I can see how blessed I am, even thru all the struggle we've had.


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