Thursday, November 6, 2014

Toddlers are liars

We'll ask Danger a question, to which he will quickly respond "No" then, once he's thought about the question, he'll give his real answer.

Like when I ask him if he has to go potty. 
then 10 seconds later :
Do you need help?
Wait mom! I'm stuck! HELP!
Show me your muscles, please?
Here's my muscles, and my bad guy face. 

Are you hungry?
Can I have spaghetti-os? 

Do you want to go with me?
Wait mom, wait for me! 
I have learned not to trust this little lair pants. 

On most things. 

But there are moments when I do trust him, and it's worth it. 

I love him. But I can't wait to see his tell, and read his poker face. 

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