Monday, July 26, 2010

i could go for a nap

I haven't posted in a while, because of Heritage Days going on last week, and then I got caught in the football uniforms and then this past weekend, Shark and I flew to Wisconsin for my sister's wedding.

Here's what I wrote last week, before I left for WI:

Alright, so this past week was Heritage Days. And for those of you who have no idea what Heritage Days is, here in Utah, all of the little towns have their own City Celebrations. Most of these Celebrations are weeklong events, full of activities, fireworks, carnivals, fun runs, vendors and bands. I work for the city, and so I was right in the middle of Heritage Days. I was helping with the parade, the fun run, the Art Auction, the play, the bands, the glow sticks, the advertising, yeah, everyone was in a little bit of everything!!

I don't have any pictures because I was too busy sweating my brains out and running around the city park. I do have pictures from WI, mostly just landscape shots from the airplane. {I could remember my camera on the plane, but not really when I was out and about.}

Here is a collection of pictures from Wisconsin, or to be more exact, the travel to and from WI, cuz like I said, my camera somehow managed to stay in my purse the whole time.

Yeah, that's Wisconsin. And, since it was a wedding : ta da :

 And now to see if that offer goes thru on the house...... :)

I also need to note : I found where I got the gummies recipe from : Not So Idle Hands. I've gotta give credit where credit is due. *Also to note, Heather's birthday is coming up on Wednesday, I might have to sneak away to Ang's and make a truck load of gummies for her... ;)

Love to all who love to travel, or maybe more love to those who just love getting to their destination... ♥

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