Friday, July 30, 2010

BIG things!

So, the past month has been crazy! We had Heritage Days {I still feel like I'm dead from that}, and then we started football at the City {sometimes you just need people to chill out and get out of the football shed!}, and then Shark and I flew to the Wisco for my sister's wedding! I have lots of pictures from that [ok, mostly landscapes from the plane window because I always forgot my camera when I was out and about]. At the end of last month/beginning of this month, Shark and I put an offer down on a house. The house was up for a short sale, so we knew it would take a long time {ignore where it says SHORT and it's lying!}. But I got a call yesterday morning, the bank excepted our offer! Shark and I went to put the earnest money down today, and signed the last of the papers! The closing date is September 10th!! We're so very excited to be in our own place, and to in our own house is just awesome! So, you can bet that once I get time {HA!} I'll be working on making our house cute, and I'll be posting about it! When our realtor called me, I started jumping on the bed, and I swear I didn't sit down for about an hour! I called everybody!! It's hard to change from "It's probably not going to happen" to "Yes it's ours!!" We tried really hard to NOT get our hopes up, {I read on the internet, that short sales don't go thru very often...} and so, I had to make sure that we looked at other houses and didn't start decorating {ok, that last part is just me, I had to not decorate the house!!} because it's so easy to get wrapped up and start thinking the house was ours already. Case in point : we drove by the house one day, and I was completely shocked to find people in it!! It was empty 2 days before when we went to go look at it! How could they sell our house out from under us?! I called the real estate office, and they said the seller rented it out on a month to month basis, and the renters knew the house was offered on, and they were ready to move at the drop of a hat. So I had to chill out! It wasn't ours! The seller could still do whatever he wanted to it...BUT now that we've signed papers and pretty much got the house, I'm thinking of where my griddle is going to go, which table to put up in the dining room, where to put our bed! I'm so very excited!! We both are. Shark and I have been smiling, and whenever I get to thinking about OUR HOUSE, a big grin comes to my face. We just keep repeating, We have a house! We have a house!!

Now, to test out the ward, and get ready to make yet another move!! {Good thing most of our stuff is still in boxes from Colorado!!}

Love to all who have good things happen to them, and even bad things that turn out to be good things. ♥

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so jealous!!! Have so much fun making it cute and yours. You definatley need to post pictures of your progress.

~Ryan and Ashlee~

Yay!!!! That is so exciting! I can't wait til we buy a house! The only way I have been able to stand not having a home that's our own, is that I can fix up the place we live in however I want, thank goodness! We will have to come and see it when you guys have access to it. That is really fun! Congratulations:)