Thursday, July 1, 2010


So : I have completed 3 projects! Yayayayayy! The first one is : my summer todo list. I linked it up on this post on June 19th. Well, I have had it done for a while now, but we haven't hung it anywhere, or even taken pictures of it until yesterday.

Isn't that cute?! I tried to write really cute, but apparently I don't write that cute, so I failed at writing cute. But I think we have a good summer list.

The next project I got done was my journal. I've posted about this project a few times but never really called out what I was doing. I am making a pregnancy journal. {THAT IS NOT A HINT!} I got the idea from Sister Stuff, and I liked it and wanted to make this BEFORE we got pregnant, so I'm not rushing around, trying to remember who we told first and what their reaction was....

It was fun to make, but it took quite a bit of time. I had to keep stopping, and it took me a long time to cut out the vinyl, I had to decide which pages to put black vinyl on and which to put white vinyl on. I had to create the pages. {I basically copied the ladies over at Sister's Stuff... Shamelessly...} I used my packs of paper I bought solely because it was Green, Blue and Orange. Cuz those colors are awesome. It's not 100% complete, cuz I can't finish it all the way until we do get pregnant and we can put pictures in it.

The 3rd project I completed is one that Angie picked out. I went over there this morning to hang out, cuz I needed it, and we made this cute craft.

They are name blocks for a mantle or a shelf. They could really be any blocks, not just names, it could be holidays or slogans.  I also took a picture of the blocks next to my phone, for a size comparison.

Crafts are awesome, and I am so happy to get things completed!! Yayayayyayayayay!

Also, there is a little bit of awesome news. Everything started working on Tuesday! Meaning, my period started! No more worrying about what's going on! The relief is awesome! We're pretty happy that things started, that means, nothing scary is going on! Yayayay!

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