Saturday, January 1, 2011


So in hopes of kicking off this new year to a great start : Shark and I threw a party. We had hot wings, chips and salsa (thanks Ryan & Ashlee!), armadillo eggs (thanks Smitty & Angie!), tons of soda and sundae dessert! It was pretty awesome! We played Things (it was Bandi't present to Shark and I) and did a countdown, complete with TONS of party poppers and noise makers!

Here's a picture of the sundae dessert. (I would have gotten a picture of the armadillo eggs, but by the time I got home today, they were gone!)

Here is the mess after Bandit got to it. He loves party poppers, not only do they make an awesome sound, but they shoot yummy stuff out! He ate 2 of them before we could stop him!

I also made a New Year's photo booth, but Ryan, Ashlee and Carter left before we could get their picture!

I bought fireworks, but it was really really cold outside last night, that we didn't shoot them off. I know it was cold because when Shark got up to brush his teeth this morning, no water came out of the downstairs faucets. Apparently, the downstairs batheroom is where the old laundry room used to be, the vent for the old dryer is still there. Meaning, there is a HOLE in the wall where the vent was. Yup, just a hole. What's in the hole? Oh, just the water pipes. Frozen. So Shark got up to plug up that hole so it doesn't happen again. He also things that is what happened before (you know, when we had to get a new water heater...) I'm just glad we got that problem fixed!

Here's to all our friends and family! We love you! Here's to another year!! ♥

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