Thursday, July 14, 2011


So this post is a little behind. But only by 1 day (or 2). We have been car shopping since we sold my red truck. I know on my 101 in 1001 it says to buy a 4Runner, but I am counting this little car as buying it because we just really needed something to fit babies in. This totally counts!

We sold the red truck on Tuesday. Wednesday we bought a new car.

Yeah, we jumped right in and pulled the trigger. We saw a really really good deal and jumped on it. We drove home from SLC on Wednesday seperately. Not only did Shark have to go to work, but I drove my brand new used car home!

Yesterday I went to go get it registered. But it didn't pass the safety. The brakes were low on it. So I bought a set of brakes from Autozone and Shark installed them. I was mad yesterday. I just wanted it done. I wanted it to be really mine....

So today, we went and had the guys recheck the car, it passed. And then we got it registered.

Then driving home, we saw Smitty at Autozone buying brakes for his car! We stopped and Shark whistled at him. It was pretty funny.

This week is Heritage Days, and I have been helping out again. Although, not as much as last year. Which is fine, I'm pregnant and slow this year. I try to walk fast but I fail horribly at fast. I was scorekeeping a game last night and a girl asked if I had named my car yet. I said no.

I think we figured out a name today. The car zips in and out of traffic pretty good. So I'm thinking the car's name will be Zipper. It works pretty well for it. I don't know how often we'll call it Zipper, since it's The Car but at least it's got a nickname, right?

Now it's back out to Heritage Days!

Love to those who name their things and to those who don't. ♥

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