Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Since my sister had to post about her awesomeness, I decided to try to show her up. {Mine isn't about saving money tho, it's about spending it....}

Alright, so for those of you who were still looking for the sign {me selling my little red truck means we're ready for kids!} it happened!

We've had a For Sale sign in the windows for about 3 weeks. But yesterday we put a listing up on KSL (it's like craigslist.com but for Utah...). Basically I hit enter to post the listing and within 5 minutes Shark was on the phone. {seriously, I hardly had time to put it up on my Facebook too!!} Shark gave them our address so they could some look at it.

They were here for about an hour, and I figured after the 30 minute mark, I needed to search for the title. {thank goodness I found it right away!} This little old man was looking for a truck for his granddaughter. We told him the little issues with it, and he asked who to make the check out to.

We sold the red pickup within 1 hour of posting the listing on KSL!! {that truck got me out here from WI!}

Now we're in the hunt for a 4-door sedan, low miles, late model.... We're going to look at some today..

As I was looking this morning for cars, I did my nails.

A few girls at work have tried these Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips.

And I had to try them out. Why?! I haven't bit my nails in a LONG time! They're growing and they're long! {ok long-ish..}

Apparently my color is called Frock Star....

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