Thursday, July 21, 2011

wanna know something

So, this past Sunday (the 17th) my heart went back into atrial flutter.

{the top ventricals were beating faster than the bottom ventricals...}

Monday I went down to SLC for an EKG. They called, told me I was back in flutter, they ordered a prescription of Lovenox shots.

I started taking the Lovenox shots Monday night. yaaay.... :(

Wednesday they scheduled an appointment with my cardiologist. They called back 15 minutes later saying doctor wanted to try cardio verting me, again. {just like Mother's Day}

Shark didn't have to work yesterday, so we went down to SLC, got there, they did another EKG, I was still in flutter.

They hooked me all up, the big HUGE 6" shock pads on the front and back. Then started putting in the anstesia. {I warned the nurse this time, saying I get really mouthy and funny when I go under.}

Next thing I remember, is the doctor walking out the door and the clock on the wall still moving like the Price is Right wheel. {true to my word, the nurse and Shark said I was a talker, and I was hilarious.}

The shock worked, I am out of atrial flutter but back in junction rythum. No harm done to me {besides 6" sticky pad marks on front and back} or to Little Man {pretty sure he kicked me the entire time.}

The doctor said I slipped back into flutter because I forgot to take me meds {big NO NO, and it won't happen again} and because of the stressful week I had before.

So no more stress and way more pills.

I'm telling everyone now, because this week was not supposed to be my week. My sister-in-law was supposed to find out what they're having this time, the doctor couldn't tell. My friend Sammi was supposed to find out what she's having : a boy!

I didn't want to take away from their day with everybody asking about me. Shark and I weren't really stressed or worried about heading to the hospital. There were plenty of prayers on our behalf, and everything worked out fine.

Love to all ♥

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