Friday, November 4, 2011

go pack go

So, I found some cute little crochet tutorials via Pinterest {what haven't I found on there lately?!} and I decided to make one. I found this way cute long tailed munchkin hat over at Oodles4Noodles. I skipped the fpdc on the trim, cuz I honestly couldn't figure out what the directions were, I ended up doubling my stiches, so I took both colors of yarn and did 1 more round of dc. I think it turned out cute, Go Pack Go!

Even tho, sometimes when I look at it, I think of Buddy the Elf... Maybe I'll end up crocheting a white G to go on it. :)

There are few other things I'm sort of working on. Not like working really hard, but kind of in the mean time. I've been busy putting books onto the computer, I get them from the library and importing them into iTunes so I can put them on his iPhone so he can listen on his way to work, and sometimes while at work.

I've also been working on Christmas presents. :) It seems like I'm always working on Christmas presents... But I am getting closer! I've only got a little ways to go. I should be done soon. I am remembering to take pictures before I send out my presents this year. :)

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