Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So I've been a total complete bum. I sit on the couch all day, next to my Little Man. In fact, I'm even blogging from my couch via my iPod cuz my Internet is fixed!
I did get my Christmas tree into the living room. I never took it down last year, I just put it upstairs in Shark's Killing Room. I started to put my Christmas decor around the living room, and I put my wreath up. But there was {and still is} alot of crap in my Christmas boxes. I'm getting ready to clean out those boxes and get them organized. Soon they will be cleaned out. Soon.
Little Man has been fussy and cranky lately. We switched up his formula a few days ago, (we've switched back) and he did NOT approve. He projected his disapproval very loud, very frequently, and with very much mess. Lots of loads of laundry have been done this week. Lots.

We switched back to his preferred formula and I'm pretty sure we will never deviate again. No deviating from the plan.

So yeah I've been a complete bum lately. Just sitting on the couch, with my cranky Little Man next to me, just chilling in his boppy. It's either sitting in his boppy or having me hold him.
So now I just need to get the rest of my Christmas stuff up and my decor bins organized and cleaned out. Ooh yeah I also need to finish my Christmas presents. Yup. I got most of them done before Little Man was evicted but there is still somethings I need to finish up.

So ta ta for now. I'll post again soon with some interesting stuff, hopefully. And pictures. :)
All the love! ♥

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