Thursday, December 6, 2012

1 year!!

My little guy is one year old!!

So big!
 one year photos
 He wasn't too sure about the chalkboard sign...
 He was NOT happy about the balloon popping.
 But he was happy once we got home!
 Yay for birthday!
 Mama trying to make a design in sprinkles on the cake... mama failed.
 "look at my cake"

 Him laughing cuz we want him to eat it
 What is that?!
 Oh it's gooey!
 It's what? Frosting?
Run away!

 Time for presents.
 New haircut!

 "gimme a kiss!"

 mom, Danger and aunt Gingr at Disney on Ice with Grandma, Feather, and cousins B & W.
  I bought brand new plungers and Danger played with them and even broke one.
 Pi pie!

This little man is such a blessing! He has been absolutely wonderful! He always seems to be cutting teeth. He's cranky and lately he's been sick. But even tho he's been hurting and sick, he's happy and smiling. He's playful and cute. One of my favorite things about him : when we're shopping, he's talking to me and squawking but NOT crying. He's usually the only baby who isn't crying. I love it. He's such a happy guy.

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