Thursday, December 6, 2012

11 months

So, I've decided to start where I left off. Now I didn't take an 11 month photo of little man, but I've got some Halloween pics of him that are pretty darn cute.

 So I've been trying this new thing of getting myself in the pictures I take of Danger. I read some article about getting Mama in the Picture. I remember seeing pictures of my mom in my pictures growing up and I want to be in my kids' pictures while they are growing up (no matter how I think I look...). 

 It helps that Danger is so darn cute, and it's fun to be in pictures with him. He's such a little goofball! 

 A friend of mine entered a House Party, she was picked for a Fisher Price House Party. FP sent her all kinds of toys and she invited all the moms with kids she knew! It was so much fun. Danger had so much fun throwing balls around and putting them down the tubes.

 Our little monkey loves eating big boy food. He loves picking up food and sticking it in his own mouth. He eats toast every morning, he can eat 2 hot dogs in one lunch time. He is such a hungry little guy! He LOVES food!

 I just love taking pics with this little cutie!

 Shark had a LifeProof case on his phone, and he was biting it while Danger played with it. Well, Danger wasn't all that happy with Dad just biting it. He got in on the action. My boys are so cute.

Little boy loves baths. He loves splashing in the water and playing! He's so darn cute, that naked boy!

It's-a me, Mario!

 Danger with cousins, B & W.

 Playing with the pumpkins before we carve them!

 And then we got a freaking ton of snow right before his birthday/on his birthday!
  He got a practice cupcake, so he could dive right into his birthday cake. 

He didn't dive into the cupcake, all the frosting on his face is from me or Gingr sticking our finger in the cupcake and then in his mouth. He wasn't too impressed.

Watching this little guy get bigger has seriously been a blast. I love him! He has his own little personality and it has been so much fun to discover it! He's such a little knucklehead. He hams it up for the camera and smiles so big and wide. He walks around just chuckling to himself and squawking. He crashes his little scooter cars into walls and into shelves and when he's bored he'll bonk heads with me while we shop. He's such a goofball! Such a wonderful, beautiful personality! 

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