Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday traditions

So we've got some holiday traditions that I enjoy quite a bit.

Pillows from Santa. Every year Santa bring us new pillows. The old ones either get recycled to Bandit or thrown out (cuz lets face it, after a year of being punched by Shark, you'd want to be thrown out too!) Santa also usually brings us new pillow cases. The tradition might evolve into getting matching pj bottoms and pillow cases. But we'll see...

Making monster cookies and hot cocoa. I can remember my mom making these every year. Pretty sure a single batch of monster cookies makes 30 dozen. Yup. I remember not having a bowl big enough to mix it in. I also remember not having enough cookies to last thru Christmas. Ever. I remember dipping our toast in the hot cocoa mix mom would make. I also remember never having it last thru Christmas. Knowing this recipe has den wonderful cuz there are some people on my list who LOVE hot chocolate.

Looking at Christmas lights. Every year we'd pile in the car and drive around looking at Christmas lights. There are parks that decorate every tree and you can drive thru them. And there are houses that decorate their ENTIRE house and yard and put the lights to music!
Watching holiday movies. Ever since I can remember, we've always watched Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, Frosty, a Christmas Story. And now more movies have been added to the list: Elf, and Christmas Vacation. I'm excited to sit down and watch those movies with my little family.
Pajamas and books from Santa. This is one I'd like to start with my family. Maybe to go along with the pillows. (To be gotten on Christmas Eve.
4 gifts. A friend of mine in CO had a rule for giving presents : something I want, something I need, something to wear, something to read. Well I tried it and I just need to keep it to something not somethingS!!
Sleeping under Christmas lights. I remember having a night picked out (not Christmas Eve) where we would sleep under the tree. I want to do this with my kids as well.
Santa bags. Each year (also on birthdays!) the kids will pick 10 toys to put in a bag for Santa to take with him to give to less fortunate children. (Seriously, Danger is 1 and every single night his toys COVER the entire living room! He has sooo much!)
Elf on the shelf. Or the Grinch. The Elf has a good story/purpose but the Elves are kinda creepy... So it might take some looking into. But I like the idea of keeping a little guy around who reports to Santa. I wish it would work all year long.
So those are the holiday traditions I have or want to have. But we'll see how ambitious I am when Danger gets older and when we have more kids.

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