Sunday, May 12, 2013

Baby gifts and 10 on 10

I've been making some baby gifts lately. A lot of my friends are having babies. My gift of choice is : hooded towels, pacifier clips, and diaper baggies (small ones that smell like baby powder from the Dollar Tree!)

A friend of mine had a baby shower today and she's kinda in panic mode. You know, that panic you feel just before you have your baby - I'M GOING TO BE A MOM!! I'M NOT READY!!

I remember going thru that. I had a panic month before I delivered. (The nurse at the NST kinda started it off, she panicked cuz his heart rate was low ((duh, I was on a heart rate medication!!)) so she admitted me to emergency labor and delivery.... I freaked out! Shark was at school and NOT around and they said if little man's heart rate didn't accelerate they would have to deliver!!) Yeah, it sent me into complete panic mode.

But now, it feels like Danger has ALWAYS been around. Even tho he's totally a handful, watching him and taking care of him is like 2nd nature. I just know what to do.

Yeah, sometimes my patience is thin, but I just send Danger up to play in his room....

We've been going out to play lately. I bought a bubble machine from Wal-Mart for $6 (best purchase ever!) and I buy the bubble solution at the Dollar Tree. But Danger has recently started to RUN to the road. So we don't stay outside for very long.

Hey how about some pictures?

This is my 10 on 10, when in reality is a 10 on 11.... I completely forgot to do it yesterday! Ugh! Oh well. I got it done and it was awesome.


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