Wednesday, May 1, 2013

in love

So can I just say I FREAKING LOVE MY FAMILY?!!!!

Yesterday we went to the park. It was kinda chilly but we walked to the park that's 3 blocks away. We packed Danger up in the red wagon he got for Christmas and I packed some water, crackers and a blanket.

We brought Bandit (cuz let's face it, that dog needed to be run a while.) and a ball for him. We also brought some balls for Danger to play with but once we got there he didn't seem interested in those. He wanted to play with Bandit's ball. We bought a Chuck-it for Bandit for Christmas.

So after Bandit decided to not bring the ball back - Shark and Danger decided to go for a ride in the wagon.

Yeah we had a great time at the park. Although, like everything else, it wasn't without mishap. Danger and Shark were at the top of the hill, and Shark was tying his shoes, Danger stood up in the wagon to wave to me, then Shark grabbed the wagon handle.... Yeah Danger went down like a sack of flour. Right into a sticker patch. He was a tough little guy, he stood up, a little pouty, and held out his hand for his dad to take the stickers out of his hand. Then got right back into the wagon to go down the hill.

Man oh man! I LOVE my little family!

I am so truly blessed to have these boys in my life! To have them BE my life! I love every minute of it. These boys are so much fun, and make me smile.

As I was walking behind Shark and Danger in the wagon, my heart seriously swelled with pride and love for my boys. It makes me smile from ear to ear and makes me all warm inside to see them playing together. How on Earth do I find myself loving them more day after day?!

When I married Shark, I thought my capacity for love had maxed out. Then, I had Danger, and oh my heavens! My love for him exceeded all my expectations. I mean, I knew I would love him, but I never could have known HOW much. I'm so amazed at how much I love them!

I am so grateful for them. I love my life. Sometimes it's not pretty and sometimes it's not awesome. But most of the time, my life is pretty great! :)

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