Sunday, May 5, 2013

sleep change

So Shark and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary this year.


We're kinda excited. But also, it doesn't feel like it's been 5 years. Ok, let's face it, some days it feels like it's been 10 but some days it feels like it's been only a few months. Some days I look at Shark and say, "Man, we're married!!" Or other days I say, "Man, we're parents!! Wow!"

Either way, sometimes it just catches me off guard.

Anyways, my mom set up a vacation for us. We're going to a resort here in Utah for a few days. At first, I had worked it out with my sister, she'd come watch Danger while we were gone. Well, she bailed. She's going to visit our parents in Wisconsin, and then she's got school to finish before she moves. Sheesh, you think you know someone... Totally kidding.

So then I asked my other sister, the one who's out here for college. And she can't take miss those classes...

So then I asked my in-laws. They said yes, I knew they would.

But the reason I wanted my family to watch him : because they would stay at my house and watch him. He would be able to sleep in his own bed, be around his stuff.

Well, now that the in-laws are watching him, they will stay at their own house.

However, we've learned from past experience that Danger doesn't sleep other places real well..... So with all the things that contribute to it : we need to get Danger comfortable with sleeping some place OTHER than his crib.

So I set up his pack'n'play upstairs in his room, and he's been sleeping up there for the past 2 days. This is day 3. He's been sleeping at night up there and napping up there. But one thing I've noticed : one only sleeps for 1 nap! This is such a shock for me, because he has always taken 2 naps, 10:30-2 then 4-7.

I knew it would happen eventually, when I tell people he takes 2 naps, they are always surprised. So I knew it was only a matter of time.

This is week 3 of him going to nursery. In our Church the little kids go to a nursery, from ages 18 month to 3 years, where they start to learn the very basics (about Christ, they sing songs, learn to share, plus it's a very good social experience.) Well, week 1 was great, he went in a played and was fine. Last week, he was constipated and it was AWFUL!! He was so ornery, and cranky. He cried the entire time. This week, Shark is working, so it was just me - but still, he just goes in there and plays! But he cried again! So we left. (it bums me out cuz I was so stinking cute today!)

It has been so hard! I have NO idea what his deal was today. the only thing I can of is TEETH. And if it's teeth, then it's eye teeth! Which I hear is a pain! So yeah, I'm not excited about that.

Well anyways - I'll share some of the cute pics of my little bear.

ooh - poptarts!

fry sauce
 Family squish
 brushing those crooked teeth
 I had a cardiology check up - I had to bring him. He was only there to play. I had The Incredibles on my Kindle, he threw it. As soon as they started to hook me up to the EKG and he freaked. He cried the entire time. My cardiologist is a pediatric cardiologist too! Danger CRIED!! I'm ok, everything is ok!
 he got style
 chilling on the car while dad put on his sweatshirt
 eating an ENTIRE marshmallow
 oh funny!
 skinned his elbow, didn't cry, showed mom, got it kissed then went on to walk across the street
such a stud in his BACON tie!! yeah it was a rough day today

It's not always sunshine and rainbows, but man o man, do I love him!

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