Friday, February 21, 2014

Bedtime runaround

So today started out crazy. Shark came home to sleep and then went to school. Danger and I left the same time he did. I took Danger to my SIL's while I went to a doctor appointment. (I've taken Danger before but he freaks out at the doctors, not at his doctor, just at mine.) All's well on the cardio side of things. Anyways, Danger was too busy to eat anything at her house, or to slow down by the sounds of it. And he didn't nap there either. But as soon as I picked him up, his eyelids started to droop. He made it to our street before zonking out. Well, that meant he had a late nap. Which is usually ok, I try to wake him up after too long, so he sleeps at night. Well, in my process of waking him and going to a store, I totally spaced feeding him dinner, or me dinner for that matter. I had given him some oranges and some crackers, but that's what he usually snacks on during the day. 

He got into pj's just fine, he even out his clothes in the hamper. He went down tp bed great, the first time. And then he got out of bed every 10 minutes until 10 pm. Around 10 I didn't hear anything, I figured he'd finally settled down, so I jumped in the shower. Nope. He came down halfway thru and knocked on the door. I shouted thru the door that he needed to go back up to bed right now. I heard sobbing and his reluctant steps going back upstairs. When I was done In the shower, I went up to tuck him in again and talk to him. I sang him his little song and then asked him what he needed. It sounded like he replied with "toast" and then it hit me. I hadn't fed him more than crackers since breakfast! Oh no!

So we went upstairs, I was getting his snack for him and he handed me his cup. I told him to sit down and be patient, I wasn't very nice about it, I'm kind of a grump lately, and he walked away mumbling something like "blue." And then he came back into the kitchen holding the balloon Shark got me for Valentines Day. He handed it to me and said, "Here, mom, balloon." I took the balloon and wrapped my little man in a hug. He noticed my anger, frustration, whatever and brought me the balloon. He drives me crazy but I adore his little tender spirit. Sometimes, when I'm frustrated, he'll come give me a hug, or pat me on the back. I love him. 
I got him a snack, and made sure he had eaten quite a bit before putting him back in bed. While he was eating, I looked at him. Lately, I've been noticing how much he looks like my older brother at his age. It really is spooky. But tonight, while his mind was somewhere else, while he was stacking his hot dogs back together, he didn't look like my side, he looked like his dad. That determined thoughtful look, like he's got something to fix but in order to fix it, he has to create a whole new part. That look is totally his dad. His face was more square today than I've seen it in a while, since he turned 1, his face has slimmed down quite a bit, I think cuz he keeps getting taller. But he's been stretching more. Tonight he was his dad. I would love to know what he's thinking, just part of the time. Once he was done with his hot dogs, he noticed me looking at him and flashed me his crinkle-eyed cheesy grin, the one that shows his little gap teeth. Then he gave me a thumbs up and said Thank you, mom, I love you. I've been really pushing I love Yous lately, I want him to say it all the time. 

We went upstairs and I tucked him in for the last time. It stuck. A full belly was all he needed. He didn't fuss about being hungry, he never would have told me if I hadn't asked him. He wasn't crying or anything, I guess he was just uncomfortable is all. He just couldn't get to sleep. Every time he came downstairs, he asked to read a story or to play. I always picked up the story he'd brought and I read it to him. He never showed any signs of discomfort, aside from being out of bed. I love my little fighting guy. What a champ. He is always so sweet, even when ignoring me. I love seeing new and different sides of him. He's turning into such a fun little boy. I love him so much. I always want him to know that. 

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