Friday, February 28, 2014

I ignore sizes

I ignore sizes. (Not just small, medium, or large fries either!)

I've discovered during this pregnancy, that sizes are only relative to the brand. I shopped at Ross for quite a few cute maternity tops. Yeah, Ross has name brands, but they also have off brands, like WAY off brands. You know, the ones from China, where everyone is the same size, so S M L XL just means how long it is, the L is about an inch or two shorter than the XL. I had to not take it personal when the XL fit so good and I'm usually a good M fit. 

I'm bigger with this pregnancy than I was with the first, however, I lost weight the entire 1st trimester, and didn't start gaining until a while into my 2nd. (Not throwing up, just nauseous and most often, I just wasn't hungry.) So, in all honesty, I'm just now passing my "weigh-in" weight for our Biggest Loser Challenge last summer. I'm not bragging, I was pretty worried that 1st trimester. 

Anyways, sizes don't mean jack squat. Even shirts hanging right next to each other on the rack, have different size scales. I've started to hate going shopping for this reason. Don't get me started on pants. Women's pant sizes suck. Guys pants are so easy, waist and inseam! That's it! Come on ladies, let's get our junk together and make this simple. (I've heard rumor that the companies TRIED it this way but decided to makes sizes so women didn't feel self-conscience about saying their waist size. Whatever.) All I know, is the waist x inseam sizing would fix so many problems. "When will jeans companies figure out a thick waist doesn't always go with long legs?!?" I've read that so many times on forums. Just saying. 

Anyways, so I've started just grabbing 3 different sizes of the same pair of pants and trying them on. Or if I find a fit I like, like Levi's, there's a cut I specifically like, I look for that cut anywhere I go, and buy that one. I go up and down in sizes, but I try to accommodate for The Dryer. Same with shirts. If I find a shirt I LOVE, that fits great, if it's cotton, I snag the next size up (regardless of it being an XL instead of an L.) I hate that clothes shrink, but I have so much going on, I don't want to pull certain clothes out to hang dry them, that's so annoying. Ok, I'm lazy is what it is.  

Baby clothes. You'd think, if anybody had their junk together, it'd be the baby clothes market. NOPE! A NB onesie with Carter's is NOT a NB with Gerber. I got some NB onesies from Target for Danger, they didn't fit him until he was 3 months. (Ok, Danger was a small fry, BUT when sizing his clothes, I would hold them up to what fit him, and these NB onesies were freaking huge!) Most baby clothes have started putting weights on there, just like diapers, NB is 5-8 lbs, and 0-3 is 6-10 lbs, and so on. That's a bit easier. I know the size of the child is specific on the child, but most clothes in that "age size" should fit them right? (Now, I'm not going off of sizes of babies who are born weighing 10 lbs vs 5 lbs, I'm going just off of the sizes of the clothes in regards to other clothes that say they are the same size but obviously are NOT.) 

So this pregnancy, I've started ignoring sizes completely. I hold clothes up to me, sure that could fit, I go try them on, if they fit-awesome, if not-go get the next one. And when figuring out which clothes fit Danger, I put them on him. If it's small, I toss it down to the nursery for storage. If it's too big, I just roll up the sleeves, or I go out it back in storage for later. I have the baby clothes organized by visual size, not label size, meaning, I went thru each piece of clothing and held it up to the smallest thing I had and put it in a pile in relation to the smallest item. Yes, long and tedious, but now my kid will be able to wear things that fit. Shark's clothes, hmmm, his clothes are easy. He knows what fits him, and he wears it, if it doesn't fit, he'll wear it anyway until I say something and take it. Shark's got it easy. 

I've stopped tearing myself apart when it comes to sizes. I was a 00 in high school. I was so proud of being a 00, and when I started going up, 1, 3, 5, I kinda started to worry and think something was wrong. Nothing was wrong, I was just growing up. Now, I love food too much to try anything drastic about it. When Shark and I were dating, I took a look around, NO one in real life is still a 00 at age 24. Seriously. I think we all stop desperately trying to impress people (**COUGH** boys **COUGH**) and decide to be real people. In my mind, I haven't gotten bigger, I'm still the same size I was when I was younger (ok, maybe not RIGHT this very second I'm not!) We, as a society, as women, have to stop beating ourselves up over clothing sizes. It doesn't mean a darn thing if you buy a M or an XL. Your kids don't care, your husband doesn't care, why is it such a big deal? Now, one thing I'm planning, after this baby, is getting into shape. I want to be healthy, and right now, I am so not healthy, I am so not in good shape. My heart health demands me being in good shape and I've ignored it for so long, this is the year I get it all under control. Not just for me, but also for my family. I already feel limited of time, I will do everything in my power to extend my time. I believe in being healthy, but I also believe in being comfortable with who you are. You have to love the skin you're in, do things for YOU, not for someone else. Someone else won't appreciate everything you're going thru to look the way you look, YOU are the only one who sees everything you do. Anyways, be happy, any way you can, whatever you have to do, you have to be happy. 

Now, I can focus on sharing that L shake with my son. :)

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