Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hunter Safety

So, I signed up for hunter's safety a while ago, and realized that classes started this week, yeah they started on Monday at 6pm, I realized I was enrolled in the class something around 5:30pm on Monday!! Excited and nervous at the same time. Anxious too, we have alot going on this month. Yeah, it's been pretty crazy. We went to the lender, and she said she wants to close on the house by the end of the month! Things have been all kinds of crazy, I've been signing up for all kinds of things, and getting ready for all kinds of things. It feels like I have so much to do each day, but really, it's not that much, and it doesn't have to happen THAT fast! Sometimes I just have to sit down and say, Hey, relax, calm down, you still have some time. Which is NOT prograstinating! It's NOT! I call it De-Stressing! Anyways, Shark and I got pulled over on Friday, yeah. By an Officer-in-training! We didn't get pulled over for speeding or anything like "the usual" we got pulled over for the crack in the windshield! Ugh! So, we have to get that fixed within the next 2 weeks, plus we have to register our truck here. (We always wait until the current registration is almost up, then we register in the state we moved to.) {Wow, reread that last sentence, I made it sound like we have never lived in the same state for more than a year....Last year was the first year I put on the renewal sticker on my truck.} So I have been working on that.

I have been trying to fill my time with useful things, like work, like putting in resumes, like making little things, like cleaning up, like doing laundry... you know. For example, I got home last night, and I made a bucket of spaghetti (I was at the store and it was cheap and sounded amazing!) and I had bought all the supplies to make some more gummies for Heather (it was her birthday yesterday) so I got cracking on that. {Bandit was being helpful too, he saved from a cricket.... Ok, I didn't need saving, but he ate it anyway!} When I was done, I put the gummies in a tupperware thingy, and then went downstairs to watch my new rental, and wait for Shark to get home. I just got Sydney White in the mail from Blockbuster, and I have been wanting to watch it, so I did. Then Shark got home, and we went right to sleep.

I've been having a hard time getting to sleep lately, and an even harder time getting up! Which sucks big time, cuz I feel like my day is completely gone by the time I get up (once I get to work, I usually come home around 9 or so...) And I have been clenching my teeth lately too! I found myself clenching my teeth when we were watching Mulan the other night. Ok, it's not THAT scary of a movie, and I know how it ends, so what was my deal?! My MIL claims it's tension, and I believe she's right. I'm still nervous about the house. Just because they accepted our offer doesn't necessarily mean we got the house! There's still a chance that it's not ours. It drives me crazy to have someone amping me up (the lender lady) and then we keep getting faked out! Just tell us if it's ours already, no more jerking us around! UGH!

Hmm, so I believe I completely forgot to share my new haircut! It was last Thursday (when we found out about the offer being accepted!) that I decided to use my FREE haircut coupon (I found it in my truck at Heritage Days!). I went in with this picture :

(This is the 3rd time using this same picture, the 1st time I had great results, the 2nd time was EPIC fail, and the 3rd time was pretty awesome) and came out with this cute cut:

I love it! Although, I must say, it has been quite a while since I've had bangs, and I keep trying to twitch them off to the side (you've seen the skaters do it, the hair flip that is more like a twitch!) and they don't really go anywhere, so it just seems like I'm twitchy!

I will be very glad to finally have some time to work on my 101 in 1001. No, I have NOT forgotten!! It's just that things have been way crazy! But, if you look, buying a house with a fence is #34! So that one will be checked off as DONE once we move in!! :)

Love to all who have things to sing about! ♥

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~Ryan and Ashlee~

Your haircut is so cute! It really looks good on you! We really should get together again! I had a lot of fun that night. If you and Mark are available sometime in the near future, let us know:)