Friday, August 6, 2010

grass and plates

So, I've been trying to not get too excited about the house, because it's still a might (I guess!). I've been trying really hard to not get way excited. I've thinking about furniture and kind of where I want to put things. {Although I can't really put things in places, cuz I haven't seen the inside in a while...) But in the process of doing all kinds of things in my head for the house, and getting ready, I decided to find which ward we'd be in, where we'd be going, and what time. Come to find out, the church is in the parking lot of the schools that are across the street! Yay for walking to church! Our church starts at 9, so that means we'll have plenty of time for a nap, and it still leaves a full day! So happy and excited! I also have an idea : there is this blog turned website called Knock-off Wood, and I am so excited to try and make some of the stuff from her site! My idea is to make some new furniture for our house! I'm trying not to plan too much, cuz then I get impatient and then just go right ahead and do it anyways. Shark and I are going to make a plan, and figure out a budget for decorating and creating things. :) I can make all the things I want, as long as I don't pay anything for them. {Trust me, I have ENOUGH stuff to make all kinds of things with!!}I was also looking back at all pictures of our CO house, and realized I have TONS of things to decorate our house with! I've got pictures and crafts, and cute little things I made while we lived there. And since I haven't changed my decorating scheme, my old decorations will work!! Yayayay for not changing my favorite colors!

For some reason, my head has a different idea about this house than is normal. In my mind, this house means, I'll have more time to do things. I know that's not true at all, but I think what my brain really thinks is, I'll have more space to do things, meaning, I can spread out and leave a project out over night. Now, I just feel like I take over all over Steve & Heather's basement, which I do.

Shark and I went shooting this morning. We went up Farmington Peak. Here are pictures:

Well, Shark is fogging tonight, and I just got season 3 of The IT Crowd from Shark's mom. But while I was watching it, I realized I needed something to do with my hands. I tried to find my black vinyl, I looked everyehere (I'm planning something for once we get into our new house!) But I had started to create an EAT plate (I found a whole bunch of plastic chargers at Wal-mart for .67 cents, so I bought them all, they are 12x12) and my EAT plate turned into a dining room plate.

And since I was in a "making" mood, I showed it to Heather, and thought it was cute, so I made one for her! Here's Heather's :

I've been thinking of all kinds of cute things to do in the house. This idea has stuck with me ever since I saw it about a year ago on some blog. I have a "frame" idea that is going to go in the living room, and this would be perfect around it.

Love to all who love ideas and creating! ♥

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