Sunday, August 8, 2010

Churching it new

We had a family get together today, Shark's sister Jena is in town from Virginia. And we had to leave around 2:30, so we decided to go to Sacrament in our new ward rather than just go to Elder's Quorum/Relief Society in Steve & Heather's ward. So we just went to the first meeting (which is really the last meeting, it's backwards.) After the meeting, we walked down the pathway we'll take every Sunday to get to church, we walked past the house and then crossed the street and circled back. It was a very nice walk, we're right by the school and a big park, so we're happy about that! :)

I know I haven't given out an address yet. We're still crossing our fingers about the place. The lender agent keeps calling and giving us mixed signals. So, we feel like we're tossed up in the air, we I keep getting all amped up and so excited (I started planning out the bathrooms last night....) and then the lender agent will say something that makes me stutter-step and I get all sad.... I hate this rollercoaster. All I can say is that August is taking FOREVER!!!

**Ooh, so I totally forgot to tell how I made the Plates. I have tons and tons of fonts on my computer, because I have the Sure-Cuts-Alot program which allows me to cut out any image and font on my Cricut, but it nulls my Cricut Warranty. So, I started typing words out in Microsoft Word (I have over 600 fonts, and that makes my SCAL have to think extra hard and sometimes it freezes, so Word is better and safer to pick out fonts.) And then organized the words (in the fonts I wanted) on my SCAL, which has a program face exactly like the Cricut Design Center, and then added more pages, and cut and pasted in place all the words I wanted to be orange on one page, and then cut and pasted in place all the words I wanted blue on another page, and again with the green, so now I have 4 pages, and the FAMILY and the hearts I cut out on white cardstock. Yes, all the letters and words and hearts are cardstock. Not vinyl. I then placed the words where I wanted them to go on the plate, then Mod Podge'd them onto the plate where they 1) fit and 2) went. I then put a nice layer of MP over the top. This is NOT an eating plate, purely decorative. I could make it into an eating plate by using Diamond Glaze or a Clear Coat spray paint. Something to make the letters even with the plate. But I think I'll just put my plate on a shelf or hang it with a plate hanger.
(If you look at the word EAT in the top left corner....Yeah, that's the Mario font....)

Love to those who ask for patience, calm, and peace; for they are what is needed most in the world. ♥

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