Thursday, August 12, 2010

Park, Plates & Stars

So yesterday after work, I took Bandit to the Dog Park. (I brought water this time, but he is a snob when it comes to bowls and water...) Basically all he did was run and run and run and he laid down to drink his water. He's pretty funny. One lady commented on how he prances, yeah he came like that. Nothing I can do about it. I told her, The vet told me I'd have a show dog if he could just keep his tongue in his mouth... They have tons of tennis balls at the park, and I would just walk around with the Chuck-it (still the best toy ever!) and pick up random tennis balls and then throw them for him and any other dog out there. He loves to run, that's his favorite!!

We registered the silver truck today. It didn't cost near as much as either of us were thinking it would! Which is totally a relief, you know, since we're trying to buy a house and all.... Plus, we finally got a Z!! (great for playing the Alphabet game on long trips....) I'm not going to take a picture of the plates, cuz then you can FIND me!! :) LOL! But I am excited to finally have Utah plates, no more crazy "tourist" stares! I really do know where I'm going!!

Last night after Shark got off work (he fogged until around 12:30am) I really wanted to go check out the Perseids Meteor Shower going on this week. I love shooting stars, and thing I remember about my childhood, is we'd go visit Grandpa Doyle's and Grandma Arlene's house and someone (that part I don't remember!) would take us up to this hill by the airport, right up by the spinning air traffic tower, and we'd park in this little church/cemetary parking lot and watch the meteor showers! Well, I wanted to go see the meteor shower this week, and last night was the night! Shark was dead tired, so pretty much I drove out west, just west of the City, and we parked by a little pond and laid down on one of the millions of blankets we always have in the truck, and watched the shooting stars! My awesome phone came with the Google SkyMap app, which Shark and I both agree, it is pretty sure the coolest app ever! When I hold my phone up the night sky, it'll show which constellations I'm looking at, where the horizon line is, which direction I'm looking at (or holding my phone towards) and the screen is very motion sensitive, if I hold my phone south, it shows what's in the southern sky. Last night I held my phone more northern, and it showed my Orion (that one's not hard to find, the dude has 3 stars in a row as his belt!). Although there might have been a glitch last night, I'd point it to the eastern sky and it showed the SUN well above the horizon line, which I know for a fact was FALSE! The meteor shower was great, we didn't see butt-loads of shooting stars, but we saw some pretty cool ones. We both saw one where the trail lasted for so long! It was pretty fun!

It was so nice to just sit and relax with Shark. And love stuff like meteor showers, and fun stuff like that. I really am a nerd. Oh, and if you're a nerd too, there's more info about the Perseids Meteor shower. It's still going on, but the peak was last night. It should go on until Saturday night or so. :) Enjoy!

Love to all who are nerds too... ♥

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