Thursday, August 26, 2010

no brainer

So, I haven't posted in a long time for a few reasons!

1) This house stuff is still going on, and anytime I get to a computer, I have to print, scan, fax and email everything! It's not all bad, tho. Our lender is still shooting to close on the 30th. (Yeah, that's Monday for those who aren't sure what day it is, and yes I had to look that up!)

2) I starteda new job. I am a seasonal merchandising and pricing employee at Tai Pan Trading. Shark calls this place the Trading Post. Smitty's wife, Polo, has worked there for a while, and said they were hiring. They were hiring a while ago, but with everything going on at the City and my not knowing what Tai Pan was, I started working for the City. Man, I really should have gotten into this place a while back! It's pretty awesome!

3) We have to register both of our trucks this month. {No idea who planned it out like that, but it kinds sucks!} So now I'm running around getting this safety inspected, emissions tested, new tires, finding registrations, finding titles, driving down to the DMV. Yeah, things are pretty crazy. I got the big truck registered a 2 weeks ago, and we had hoped that the motorcycle would be up and running so we didn't have to register te little truck for a while, but Shark has been so exhausted with work and getting things going for school... Yeah, plus all the house stuff has taken up most of either of our free time.

4) I've been pretty lazy and tired lately. This house business is really stressing me out. It's like hopping from 1 foot to the other every 13 minutes. {Why 13? Cuz it's not like it's scheduled or anything, it's completely random!} Yes we're getting it, oh, but only if we find this paper from 3 years ago, yay, we're back on! Oh wait, sign this or it all falls apart.... Are the renters out yet? What about insurance? When do we get utilities up? Appraisal? Oh wait, we're accepted thru you guys?! Yes, we have a house... Maybe we have a house... Cross your fingers!! It's been kind of awful, even Shark is stressing, and he doesn't stress! He's been worried lately about the house and if the loan is going thru and what's going to happen, and he never worries. He leaves the worrying to me! Ugh...

5) Plus my headaches just won't seem to fade or go away.... Maybe there is a grandpa Favre correlation... Goodness, I hope not, my headaches will never go away if there is... But seriously, my headaches have been plain awful lately... and it really sucks! I got sleep with a headache, I wake up with the same headache, it's a neverending headache again!

Sorry about not filling everybody in, but we don't want to get everyone's hopes up and than shatter them. I can only handle it for Shark and I. Besides, friends are always asking me, what's going on with the house? And all I can tell them is "We have no idea" or "We just aren't sure, she tells us it's going thru, but we're not sure." So yeah.... Hopefully things get better. We'll know soon.

I'll post pictures soon too, I promise. I have a few pictures of things over the past weeks, but no time (or patience) to upload them...

Love to all who have really really wanted something, and are having THE hardest time getting it!! ♥

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