Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love affair with Blockbuster

So, pretty much, my Blockbuster account just got way more awesome than ever! Why, you ask? Oh because I can now rent VIDEO GAMES thru my Blockbuster Total Access account!! Cha!! I know! I'm so excited! When Shark and I lived in Colorado, we had our GameFly account. Well, it proved to be just too much for 1 gamer and 1 video nerd to handle. So, we cut the GameFly free, they temped me for months, offering deals if I came back. I had to put those emails in the JUNK folder!! Well, little did we know, that if we held out and continued to love out Blockbuster account, they would reward us with video games! I can now rent all those wonderful games that wave at me in Wal-Mart, the ones that look so sad because they are still in the store, and have no home. I can rent games rather than buy them, that way I'm not stuck with them if they bring a life full of disappointment and agony (*cough*WiiMusic*cough*) and now I can rent them, see if I like them and then lovingly put them on my Christmas list! No doubt involved in this process! So excited to try this out! Of course, there are some games that are on the list.

Like Lego Harry Potter (1-4) for starters!! I love all the Lego games, and Lego Harry Potter just looks freaking awesome. (Pretty sure the Collectors Edition is the one on my list!!)

And this awesome game called Boom Blox. We played this at a friend's house this past weekend {my arm still hurts, thanks guys!} and it's an up-to 4 player game where you throw balls at your opponents' castles, or you play Jenga to see who gets the most points (those were the only 2 ways we played, but it looks like there are more ways to play, something about creating a character!!)

Tetris Party Deluxe. This game is just awesome. We have friends that love this game, and everytime we were over at their place, so pretty sure we love this game.

WiiSportsReosrt! This game just looks awesome, I should have played it when I was back in Wisconsin, because the kids said it was freaking awesome.

Yeah those are just what's on my list so far.... :) The list will grow once we get cracking on this Blockbuster game rental. :)

Love to all who are undercover gamer nerds.... ♥

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