Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All in writing

We're getting our budget down on paper! Because I can never stick to it we're never sure what we've got left! So far so good, I bought 2 calendars to write everything down on. I bought 2, 1 for my goals (yeah, that list to the left is still REALLY long!) and 1 for our budget and money stuff. :)

I made a To Do list of all my Christmas presents this year. I can check 2 off! Yayayay! The items I make will NOT be posted until Christmas Day, so if you were hoping to peek, neener neener neener!! It feels good to get things done on my list. 

I went grocery shopping today and that means : NEW MENUS!! Yayay

M 11-8 ------- Waffles
T 11-9 -------- Crunch Wrap Supreme (homemade!!)
W 11-10 ------ Wings
TH 11-11 ----- Chili (Shark leaves for hunting)
F 11-12 ------- Tuna fish Sandwiches
S 11-13 ------- Mac & Cheese
SU 11-14 -----  Football
M 11-15 ------- Gnocchi (as found on Make it and Love it)
T 11-16 -------- Cheeseburger Soup
W 11-17 ------- Linguine Alla Carbonara
TH 11-18 ------ BBQ Beef Sandwiches
F 11-19 -------- Slow Cooker Pot Roast
S 11-20 -------- Soup
SU 11-21 ------ Football

Last night we made waffles as our FHE, and they were awesome! And tonight we made Crunch Wrap Supremes, as made famous at Taco Bell. I just guessed at it, but they turned out pretty dang good! (It helps that I bought this BIG huge can of Nacho Cheese 2 weeks ago... Nachos and Crunch Wraps for ever!!)

Yes, you read that right on Thursday's dinner.... Shark is going hunting... again. I'm crossing my fingers that he comes back with some deer! I need my freezer filled up!! Shark and Steve are heading to Nebraska for this big rifle hunt. I'm just excited for them to get some whitetails! I might even have to borrow Ang's dehydrator... Or maybe... Christmas is coming!! ;)

So anyways, that's what's been going on so far this week. :) Now it's time for me to go to bed. Good night all - and love to those who are crossing things off their To-Do list!! ♥

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