Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saving my Dough

***Name changed because my husband has a dirty mind and when he first looked at the title, it did NOT say Pinching my Pennies, at least not to him it didn't. So I changed the name. Boys...***

So I have started on this website called Pinching Your Pennies, and that means lots of coupons and some Sunday papers. I'm not really sure how much I'll save since I already buy the cheap no-name brands, but we'll see.

Ok, since I never really finished the post I was going to write, I'll just start on this next one.

I finished making my apron! Yayay! I love it, and I do wear it all the time. Monday when I was making dinner, I handed Shark the camera, and told him to snap some shots. He stood there for the longest time, waiting for me to look, and we both started laughing! :) So that means I can check off one of my goals! #56 actually! (Those are my little square Gnocchi noodles!)

I can also start to check off #31, cuz I made Halloween decorations, and Fall/Thanksgiving decorations, and I just made an Ornaments Wreath!

Our little Ladies Night made them, and they turned out so cute!! Mine is non-traditional, cuz my tree is silver, blue and black. I love Christmas, but I'm not really "feeling" the red and green combo for decorating, not really.

Oooh! And Shark and I have a date night planned. It has been forever since we've gone to see a movie together, just us, so this Saturday we are going to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! We're both so excited! And no, we are not dressing up...

In other awesome news! Shark registered for classes today! We're both very excited that he got residency again, and he didn't have to wait 2 years! Him getting up for class will also give me reason to get up and go to an institute class! I'm excited! :)

POTD for 11.17.10 : It's just been this kind of day. I went up and down the stairs like 6 times and Bandit didn't even open an eye!

Love to those of us Muggles who are in love with the Wizarding world, but mostly just wish Accio would work. ♥

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