Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things that need to go

Ok, so a radio station here (around where we live) does this segment (not sure it's every morning, since I am rarely in the car at 9:30 am most days....) called Things that Need to go. I got to listen to it today, and it was pretty funny. And I got to thinking of things that need to go (in my life, or directly related to me in some way or another..)

1) People ditching items on endcaps. It is that hard to hand the item you've been toting around for an hour to the cashier? Why be all sneaky and try to hide those jingle bells in with that cup display? Yes, I saw that!

2) And you can push that cart the extra 10 steps to the cart return, I mean you were headed that way anyways, cuz the cart return is right by the exit. You have been pushing that cart for an hour, is it that difficult to push it for 30 more seconds?

3) Driving with your brights on... In the CITY! Not cool. Ever.

4) Sleeping with socks on. Waking up in the middle of the night with a random sock by your face is NOT awesome.


5) Skinny girls (ladies) on diets. Trust me, any thinner and people will think you never eat. Embarrassment starts after they ask if you are anorexic, and then landslides into failure. Not pleasant on either end of that conversation. And if you're just saying you're on a diet to fish for compliments, epic fail. Step 2 is punching yourself in the eye for sympathy. Neither tactic works.

I thought of those on the way to work. Anyways, this weekend has been an ok one. Shark and Steve are in Nebraska shooting up some deer for my (and Heather's) freezer. {Shark's shooting for mine, and Steve is shooting for Heather's... But you knew that!}The boys left Thursday night, after Shark looked at the silver truck and diagnosed a crappy water pump. So that truck is sitting in the driveway, while I drive the red truck and Steve drove the 4Runner to NE. The boys made it there fine, Shark even called me to find out when the sun rises in NE. I hear they also made friends with some old guy out there. Apparently Shark helped him carry out the deer the old guy shot, and in return the old guy let them stay at his house down the road. Making friends is always good, especially when it means hunting on private land for free! Plus, I'm not that worried of someone abducting Shark. I mean, come on, the man punched a raccoon to death. See, now you're not worried either.

I can happily report that I have (mostly) finished step 1 of my Christmas presents!! Woot woot! I can also say that I have some Thanksgiving decorations.

Ok, so I bought the wheel barrow this year at the Post, and I just printed out the posters from Craftily Ever After. I love her printables! Mmmhmm! Might just have to print out tons more! I can't wait to see what she does for Christmas!! Yay! Oh, I bought the frames from Dollare Tree and then painted one orange and one yellow. :)

Anyways, that's the post for tonight/tomorrow. One last thought.

(5 more days!!!!) Goodnight!
Love to all those like these little signs. And if anyone knows what font it is they make them in, can you tell me, so I can make some. ♥

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