Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This week so far

Ok, so last weekend, Shark and Steve went to Nebraska to shoot some deer. They both got one. Now my freezer is full of ground up venison! I'm so excited!! I love venison! I'm excited cuz I don't have to buy ground beef, not for a while at least.

And since Ang posted her Fantasy Football records. I decided to post mine too. They are just like her's : completely different in each league. In our family Yahoo League, I'm the champ! My record is 9-1, I only lost to Kevin cuz he stole my QB (Rodgers!) out from under in the draft! ugh. And in the ESPN league, I suck big time! It's not even funny! I have the same QB in both Leagues : Philip Rivers, and he's awesome. But for some reason, I suck in 1 league and am awesome in the other... Oh well.

Wednesday morning we woke up to find our back door didn't close right, so the house was freezing! And when I went to do laundry, I watched a frozen pipe bust right in front of me! I hollered for Shark to come help me, he jumped out of bed and ran in to help me. So did Bandit, who got sprayed with water. Bandit's pretty cute. (At a young age someone way mean kept spraying him with the hose to keep him our of her garden {ok, it was me!} so now he hates being sprayed with water.) He kept trying to punch the water and bite it to make it stop spraying. Shark found where our pipes start and shut off the water. Right now Shark is going to Lowe's or Home Depot to get parts for the pipes, and a space heater. :)

So all this week, I've been home sick. The thing is, I feel good, I don't feel crappy or anything, I just can't talk, and I cough every now and then. And let me tell you, it is not a nice cough. It sounds awful. So this morning I called work to see if they wanted me to come in. They are planning for today to be slow (with everyone heading out of town, getting ready for tomorrow, plus The Blizzard that his yesterday, I guess they aren't planning for lots of people.) So, the FE Manager said for me to stay home and get better. But that I had to promise to be there on Friday. I said, even if I can only bag on Friday, I will be there!

So now, I'm at home, probably baking pies today. and finishing up some Christmas presents. I also have to remember that Shark's birthday is the 5th!! Ugh!! I think I'll just make him a bunch of Rosemary Bread and get him some bullets...

Today I am thankful for my husband. For all that he does for me. He rescued me this morning when that pipe broke. He is always saving me. I love him so very much and I am grateful to know that he is mine, and has been mine forever. That we are meant/destined to be together. And I am so very grateful to know that no matter what happens, he will always be there for me. He's my best friend. I am so proud to walk beside him, to have and to hold him. Forever.

Love to those who hate having the most inconvient illness ever. ♥

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