Thursday, November 4, 2010

As of Late

Ok, so new things... I started working on my Christmas presents! yayayayay! Which means lots of cutting and stuff. But what I'm doing this year is turing out way cute! I'm super excited!

I also scored this awesome craft table! I found it on and then when Shark and I went to go pick it up, the lady said I could just have it! I don't pass up on FREE, so of course, we have a table, and some shelves she was getting rid of!! Which is awesome! I love shelves and tables!

Bandit has a fort. Basically that just means, I cleaned out room and put his pillows/bed under the table in our room, and he sleeps there now {instead of at the edge of my side or at the foot of the bed!}.

And you can now see my countertops! Yup, I finally broke down and cleaned my kitchen, sorta. I put my folding shelf in the kitchen for my cook books and some of my appliances, like my 2 crock pots, my griddle, and my Bosch.

Ooh, these are pictures from the Halloween Party, food and stuff.

Lots of fun stuff! Sorry I haven't posted all week. Things have been crazy here. Shark started being a courier at work, so he's driving truck now. But his folks are building a house, and he's been helping his dad with everything on that end. And I am now on the registers at the Post, which is awesome, but a switch from being on the sales floor. :) Things have been crazy, with Christmas happening now at the Post, and the girls tell me, it will only get worse! Oh man!

Love to all who find they really don't have more time... ♥

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