Thursday, December 1, 2011

This old house

So we bought a house last year. I love my house, I really do. But sometimes I do not. We bought it short sale, so everything was AS IS.
That means we shouldn't have been surprised when pipes froze and burst last winter. Or when the water heater started leaking. Or when the tub upstairs stopped draining. Or when the dishwasher died. Nor should we be surprised that the hot and cold water are switched in every faucet in the house except the original upstairs bathroom. Yeah. {when I go to other houses, I have to stop and think which is hot and which is cold!}

All of the windows are single pane and very drafty. I'm hoping the windows are going to be one of the first major renovations we do, when we start doing renovations. Yeah, windows or AC of some kind. We got a used swamp cooler we can install this next spring.
Most the appliances came with the house: stove, dishwasher, fridge. And we were given a used washer and dryer when we lived in CO (thanks Chris & Jess!!) and when the dishwasher died it took us a while to get another one. One of Shark's coworkers got a new dishwasher so Shark asked for his old one. I love having a dishwasher, I don't care where we end up as long as we have a dishwasher I'll be just fine.

One thing we realized we didn't have was a microwave. The apartment we lived in right when we got married had one in it, and so did the house we rented in CO. So I went to the DI (thrift store) and got this baby.

Oh yeah. No buttons, no clock. We went old school with the turn dial. It doesn't "ding" when your food is done but it does have a light. And it really is tiny. (I put a pint size jar of jam next to it. At least I think it's a pint...) We love it.
So this little story got started because the power went out last night. The only indicator was our alarm clock. No clock on the microwave or stove to blink at me while I fixed Mancub's bottle. Only our alarm clock. I love our "simple" life.
I know how blessed we are and I am so very grateful for it. We're blessed with family who has helped us on emergencies and has provided for us. I am so very grateful for the home we live in and I'm grateful for the opportunity to make it ours. I'm excited to raise our family here.

PS: there was (still is) a raging wind storm last night. Our windows have been howling all night. Shark was driving home and semis were tipped over, branches everywhere. He passed a store that had it's windows blown out. They eventually shut down the highway to semis. It's been really windy, kinda scary windy. Everyone be safe today.
Here are my sleepy boys.
Love love love and happy December!

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