Sunday, March 11, 2012

10 on 10 March!!

Here's my 10 awesome beautiful moments for March!!

 Good morning, it's naptime!
 Chow down, short load! {He can SORTA hold the bottle, for like .3 eseconds, but other than that, his hands are not helpful!!}
 The Pout. Little Man does NOT like being dirty. As soon as I changed him, he was all smiles.
 Cute little toes!!
 2nd out fit, time to play in the gym!!
 Mama was cooking lunch, and I was sitting in the crook of the sofa, fighting this lion!
 Diaper change! Pants on my head always make me smile, that and being naked!
 3rd nap, 2nd change of clothes!
 Mama's boys are ready for a wedding. Don't we look so dang handsome!
There were a few hours in between the photos cuz we drove a LONG way to the wedding, here's us finally AT the wedding. Yay!
ten on ten button
It really was a great day. Everyone at the wedding thought Danger looked so dashing! It was great to see family. The drive was kinda terrible, but he slept thru most of it and only cried the last 20 minutes. :/ 

Love to all!

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