Monday, March 5, 2012

St Pats and Fam

So I have had a St Patricks Day door decoration in my TO DO box for 3 years. Seriously. I had Shark make letters out of wire hangers, to spell LUCKY ME. Well, I finally found all the pieces got around to it.

It now hangs on my door for all to see just how dang LUCKY I am!

Also, where I hung up my decor to get pics, I found someone had a bit of RAGE to get out.

So my mom was here for a visit for Danger's Blessing. {In my church, we bless our babies around 3 months old, we give them a name, one they are known on the records of our church as (same as the one we call them by), and we bless them with things for this life. It's a very neat experience.}

She showed me that my youngest sibling is now a giant.

My almost graduated sister is a cute cheerleader.
And apparently laughs when other are feeling tortured...

And my youngest sister is awesome at making snowmen.
I was never that awesome at it, and I'm pretty awesome at making snowmen. ;)

Alright, and here are some pics of Danger with Grandma!
 Great Grandma got Danger a Peek-a-boo bear, usually he's surpised every time the bear moves, this time he was just staring that bear down!

We went for a walk today. Shark found a little pond on his way to school. We walked there, me, Danger, Shark and bandit. It was nice walk. It was lots of fun!

Love to all ♥