Tuesday, March 6, 2012

blog awesomeness

So I've been being a blog-stalker lately. Mostly via pinterest. Yeah, I suppose you could almost call me a Peeping Pinner... ;) Well, on all my peeping, I've noticed that the blogs all that these social media buttons that you can click on and it takes you to the blogger's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, or whatever. I really wanted those buttons since the following rules have changed a bit. {Plus, I know I follow my blogs now on my Kindle, via RSS.} I wanted to make it as east as possible for people to find my blog, and all my other things.
See how cute that is? {This is from my SIL's site, Decor-ganize Crafts!}

I have been searching for social networking icons for a long while. Ok not that long, but it feels like forever since I have to fight a baby in between searching! But I found Pantone's social media icons. Free and usable, and she even links a How-To from Primp My Blog for putting them on your blog. It was easy. I just had to search for where to find my RSS feed URL. After reading it 3 times, I understood it.

I had found these flag buttons from Leelou Blogs, but I went with the mustache background for March, and the flags don't really fit or match... Maybe next month!

With how Primp my blog showed how to put them on the blog, it wouldn't been that hard to make your own buttons! Maybe that will be my next thing. {But it seems to me that everybody else can find these buttons so easy!}

I also understand that with linking my Twitter and my Facebook, it pretty much negates the fact that I use code names on our blog. I am still going to continue to use code names, cuz eventually, I'd like to have a Facebook for my blog. Maybe I'll work on that this week.... But also, my security settings on the 'Book are so high, that no one can really see anything of mine, unless they are a friend, and if they're a friend, they already know our names. ;)

Yeah, with the help of the internet, I'm awesome!!

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