Monday, March 5, 2012

Mustache March

So Shark got home from school today and smiled as he proclaimed it was Mustache March! He immediately went to go shave his goatee and proudly wear a mustache!

Well, I have been trying for a while {ok, a week} to get these foam mustache cutouts to stay attached to Danger's pacifiers. To no avail. I tried hot glue, I tried super glue. So far, no dice.

When I went to the dollar store to find chalk and erasers {they do NOT have!} I found a six pack of adhesive fake mustaches. So I picked up 2 packs, figured, sure why not. When I got home, it hit me! Put the ADHESIVE mustache on Danger's pacifier! It worked, and it was awesome. They don't stay sticky for more than a day or so, but it was perfect for Danger's blessing party, and church. He is THE cutest guy.

Anyways, back to Mustache March. In honor of it being Mustache March, I stuck one on, and Danger wore one as well. Bandit did not, as he already has a mustache.

Yay! He kept looking down, so Shark held his head up. {I stuck his 'stache to the carpet first, so it wasn't as sticky as mine, I didn't want his soft soft skin getting hurt.}

My handsome fellas.
Danger's got stuck on crooked, cuz he doesn't sit still very well.
One I had stuck to his pacifire on Saturday was stuck to a wipes bag, and it was still a little sticky, so I stuck that to him first and had Shark come take a look. Danger smiled for this one! It'sa me, Mario!

Yeah, I have a pretty cute family!

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