Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Things I've noticed lately.

Putting the handle down on the carseat - am I the only one who does this? I know my sister in law does, but driving around town and on the highway, I see everyone (almost everyone!) driving with the handle up on the csrseat, rather than pinning it behind the seat in front of it. Weird.

Switched battery packs in my Wii remote, but completely forgot which charger they go. So I switched them but cannot remember which charge station they go to, so I stick them in the wrong one and they never get charged. Where's my brain?

Slowing down in construction zones. Back home in Wisconsin, there are 2 seasons, construction and football. It's a fact of life. Construction is always around, and you ALWAYS slow down for it. It doesn't matter how many cars are around, what time it is or how far in the middle of nowhere you are, you slow down. End of story. But not here, people just fly by!

Motivated to think about excercising but not motivated enough to go- it's cold out! That's about it. Bottom line. (But I have started walking again)

Quit choking yourself! Lately, his thing has been chewing on his fingers. The result is choking himself! I pull his fingers out of his mouth whenever I see them in there, but he's at the chewing stage. Chewing and slobbering.

Feeding man solids? Well, really mushy, liquidy solids. Apparently he's not ready but I'm kind of excited about the next steps my Little Man is taking. He's starting to get frustrated about not being able to grab things or move things. He's so close, too!

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