Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Danger photo dump

Danger!! Photo dump of Danger!! (hehehe!)

 playing AND watching tv!
 stomping around the kitchen in his shoes
being like dad 
 sleeping on mom
 smiling in the car
 bucket head
 Shark's birthday dinner : lobster, steak and salmon
 tired monster!
 hair up-did!
 who's cute?!
 look mom, it's stuck!
momma got me!! 
 what happens if I poke it?!
vroom vroom 
playing with the guitar from Aunt Gwen
 Bandit LOVES Christmas too!
 This used to be a double-headed axe...used to be!
 I got me a gun!
 Gramma Ruth gave me some frosting!!
Where my HO's at?!
 HO HO HO! There they are!
 On Christmas Eve, my brothers and sisters all got together via the internet to play some MarioKart Wii, Danger played with us! It was so much fun!
 We went to the Treehouse Children's Museum, we had so much fun!
 Danger got into Aunt Alexa's nail polish, broke 1 bottle and got it all over!
Playing puppet show with gramma Ruth 
 Playing Firemen at the Treehouse.
 Danger tricked momma, he had a bucket on his head until RIGHT before the picture
 If he can put it on his head, he will!
 Awesome bed head!
 The Girl's birthday breakfast, he got some whip cream!
 More bed head awesomeness!
 Danger with Aunt Alexa!
 More buckets on the head!!
 I dig dirt! 
 Chilling, eating cookies, drinking milk, watching Survivor
 All smiles!
 Just hanging
 He loves being naked, and waving swords or sticks!
 So, who wants to duel?!
 Ready for the snow!
 Nope... not ready!
 Dad saved me!
 Eating applesauce!
 Brushing my teeth!
 I love the snow, now that I know I can walk in it!
 Good morning! Danger did his hair especially for you!
 going on an adventure
We got this much snow, maybe even more!

This past month has been an adventure! It has been so much fun. There have been struggles, but we have gotten thru and we've enjoyed being together. It has been so stinking cold here, it's been rough. Alexa is up in Idaho, and it's way colder up there! We miss her, but I know she's having soooo much fun up there!

There you go! Tons of freaking photos. Those are all from my phone, sorry for the quality! :)

Love to all <3 div="div">

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