Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year new ambitions

So, like always, on New Years I made some resolutions. This year, however, I went easy on my resolutions because I'm starting another 101 in 1001 list in February....

Yes... Yes I am.

But my resolutions are help towards my big goals list. And trust me, there's nothing too ambitious like clean my house in 1 month... although my goals are ambitious, and stretching, they aren't unobtainable.

Yeah, I feel like I did set myself up to fail on a few things the last go-round. However with this new list, and my 2013 resolutions, I feel like they are well within my reach.

My 2012 New Year's Resolutions are :

1. Exercise 1-3 days a week. (walking, going up and down the stairs, they gym, Wii, chasing Danger...)

2. De-clutter the house. (Yes again! This year I'm working on a daily "program" where you declutter your house by cleaning for 15 minutes a day! I can totally do that! Yup! Thank you, Home Storage Solutions 101! It's day 2 and I've 2 for 2!)

3. Get meal planning figured out! I bought a calendar specifically for my meal planning, and I'm figuring out my recipes! I can do this!

4. Get out of debt. We have been working on this one for a while, we were so close last year, but then everything seemed to go wrong with everything... This year, we're kicking it in the BUTT!!

5. Take more pictures WITH Danger. I want to be IN the picture more, instead of being behind the camera. So, I have also signed up for Project 365. So far I am 2 for 2, and there are people who are "following" me and excited for my resolution to be IN photos.

So there you have it, my New Years Resolutions.

I think they are way obtainable. Plus they totally help towards BOTH my 101 in 1001 lists. (My old list ends on Jan. 26, and YES, I'm still working towards it!)

I believe Danger's New Year's Resolution was to get into as many new things as he could. Yesterday he got onto the bottom shelf of my baker's rack.... Tonight he got into Aunt Gingr's nail polish...

He threw the bottle and BROKE it. He got it ALL over himself, his clothes, his hands, and even in his hair. So, Shark held his hands, while I striped him down, tossed him in the tub (while I still held his hands) and gave him a bar of Lava soap to play with. (This pic is AFTER the bath!)

He still has bright pink nail polish on his hands, and in his hair, but it's slowly coming off. I decided not to use remover to get it off, cuz it's harsh on MY hands when I use it and I don't know what'll do to his little hands.

I sure do love that little guy. I want him to remember his momma, and I want him to see me in pictures as he's growing up (regardless of how I think I look!!)

Happy New Year!!

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