Thursday, January 31, 2013

weekly update in photos

So, my 101 in 1001 ended.... I was 77% complete. I was close, but not completely done. As I said before, some of my goals were too high. Things that I automatically failed at if I didn't start on them right away.... Some that were hard to do even over a month....

I'm excited about this new list tho. In fact, I'm actually already working towards it. I've only missed 1 day of my 365 Project. And that was back on the 6th! I've been so awesome!

So Danger started cutting his front molars! And oh man, it was awful! His first 8 teeth came in like nothing even happened. Heck, the first ones cut in while we were driving to WI, he didn't even cry on that trip! But these ones, wow, at first we had NO idea what was even going on with him. Then I figured I'd go searching for an answer, and I stuck my fingers in his mouth and discovered the reason for his anger. Tylenol and Ibuprofen weren't touching the pain or the fever! I bought some teething tablets and they worked! I was surprised. But it was amazing! So now, his teeth are still coming in, but he is happier now.

Anyways, so here's the photos from the week!

 watching Go Diego Go
 Watching shows with mom
 Singing songs!
 Eating my go'fish!
I see you, seeing me
 Watching Tom & Jerry
 King of the Mountain
 Blowing kisses
Look how much snow we got 
 Eating chicken nuggets
 chilling with momma
 His forehead against the glass prevented him from licking the floor... I stopped him before he got close
Our new game!! 

So it's been a fun and smiley week. We got a freaking TON of snow, he hasn't gone out and played in it yet, but so far he's happy just to walk thru it in his boots. He's so proud of himself when he walks down the sidewalk. Also, he breaks records when he runs to get onto the sofa. Seriously, it's like the SECOND after someone gets up, he's up and on the sofa, jumping around! He's such a funny goofball! We love that little guy. He gets all smiley when we get his bottle ready, and tell him to go down to bed. He's so proud of himself for all kinds of things. I love him!

Good night, and see you next week!

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