Thursday, January 31, 2013

New 101 in 1001!!!

So - my last 101 in 1001 ended on the 26th. I was 77% complete. I was close but not really...

I have been excited to start this new list. There are funner things on this list, and the goals on this list are much more attainable!! Not that I've lowered my expectation or my goals, these goals definitely make me stretch and reach.

I have already started working on some of them, like photos with Danger, reading scriptures, sticking to a budget, and blogging once a week.

  1. Make a budget, stick to it!
  2. Start couponing
  3. Have 3 NO SPEND months 
  4. Make and keep a Christmas budget, birthday too!
  5. Put money into fund every birthday. (look into 529 or Gerber Life)
  6. By Dec. 2013, have 1 month emergency fund
  7. Keep tabs on Shark's 401(k)
  8. Look into setting up an IRA for me, HSA too
  9. Pay off credit cards
  10. Pay off medical bill
  11. Monthly budget meeting with Shark
  12. Buy me a laptop
  13. Buy external hard drive for photos
  14. Buy external hard drive to back up files
  15. Buy file scanner
  16. Learn to walk in high heels! Buy a CUTE pair!
  17. Attend Education Week
  18. Wake up at 7 am
  19. Go to bed by 10
  20. Write a list of 101 things I've accomplished
  21. Tie a note (of all my fears) to a balloon and let it go
  22. Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
  23. Read/listen to 100 books 
  24. Wear make up everyday for a week, month
  25. Stop complaining for a week
  26. Comment on 50 random blogs 
  27. Write a letter to myself to open at the end of the 1001 days
  28. Keep a journal/Letters to Children
  29. Letter to Bednar
  30. Make 5 year goals, 10 year goals
  31. Compile an address book
  32. Video document the house, send to insurance
  33. Finish decorating bathroom
  34. Monthly trip to DI, drop off
  35. Continue de-cluttering house
  36. Have 1 year of usable food storage
  37. Organize kitchen
  38. New (to me) washer and dryer
  39. Place cement stones, bury time capsule
  40. Start a cleaning schedule
  41. Get another freezer
  42. Clean out dungeon
  43. Complete 72 hour kit
  44. Make new Christmas gifts
  45. Blog once a week
  46. Do 10 on 10 for a year
  47. Take more pictures
  48. Find and try 1 new recipe each month
  49. Sell Bag-bags, headbands, and bink clips
  50. Make Headboard, Height ruler, screen door
  51. Make 1 useful crafty project a month
  52. Make/refashion 2 shirts
  53. Create a garden
  54. Learn Excel
  55. Learn Photoshop tricks
  56. Have a cookie exchange each year
  57. Monthly dinner delivery
  58. Make a bandana quilt for when we go to the park
  59. Bake bread from scratch
  60. Organize my craft room!
  61. Do a "day in the life" post
  62. Photo of myself everyday - me and K
  63. Send birthday cards to everyone on my calendar
  64. Start on quiet book for K
  65. Keep up on family traditions
  66. Measure K every month
  67. Plan 2 weekly activities for babysitting
  68. Dance with K every day
  69. Learn more songs to sing to K
  70. Drink 64 oz of water each day
  71. Eat fruit every day
  72. Go to the park once a week (good weather)
  73. Go to the gym once or more a week
  74. Make health info cards for K, Shark and I
  75. Lose 10 lbs
  76. Lose 10 more lbs
  77. Go visiting teaching every month
  78. Keep up with General Conference traditions
  79. FHE every week
  80. Read the Scriptures cover to cover
  81. Start collecting Living Scriptures DVDs
  82. Keep up with family scriptures and family prayer
  83. Go to the Temple at least once per month
  84. Get cracking on Geneology
  85. Go to the Roller Derby
  86. Start hosting Fat Sunday with friends
  87. Visit 10 Roadside America Attractions
  88. Help Shark finish school
  89. Expand our family
  90. Create a living will
  91. Go to a comedy show
  92. Try 10 new restaurants
  93. Go to a hockey game
  94. Go to a Jazz game
  95. Go to WSU game
  96. Get family pictures taken once a year
  97. Go on at least 1 date a month
  98. Go on a vacation with Shark each year
  99. Go hunting with Shark
  100. Make a baby hat every week
  101. Get wedding dress cleaned

 So, I know I failed horribly last time with keeping up with the list. But one of my goals is to blog once a week, so I'm hoping to be on the computer and able to link up with things I've done and completed. Here's hoping. 

Yay for new things!

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