Monday, April 29, 2013

mean girls

Ok, so lately I've noticed girls are meaner.

From the sorority email heard around the web, to the female sports writer totally hashing on a NBA cheerleader.

It's bad enough I have ME telling myself I don't look good, I'm not in shape. (So the in shape part is so true!!) I'm pretty sure shirt sizes have gone down... cuz I used to be a medium in most shirts, but I have now gone up to the large in most shirts. (I also understand, a L shirt just means it's larger than the medium, it has NO reflection on me and my size.... but sometimes it sucks to see that big L on the back of my shirt....)

And I am so thankful I'm not in high school, or even college anymore, because I don't want to deal with all that peer pressure and peer criticism. I'm so grateful to be out of there, and only have the friends who I like and want, and who want to be around me and like me!

I'm a little terrified for my kids. I'm scared for them growing up in this world - where boys are mean and girls are meaner. I don't want them to be bullies and I don't want them to be bullied.

I want my kids to strong and confident. I want my kids to stand up for others and themselves. I will try my hardest to raise them with confidence and kindness.

Danger has started defending himself. He leads with his fist lately. And I'm just a little worried about my little boxing kid.

But then there are times where he does the goofiest things and doesn't seem to care in the slightest!
 We were watching Elmo before bed. Elmo = Baby Crack
 Kisses for dad!
 Chilling watching Incredibles
 Donuts?! I LOVE donuts!
 Look how tall I am
 Bandit, you are so comfy!
Me and Shark!

I love my goofy boy!

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