Saturday, June 19, 2010


Saturday is a great day! No resposibilities! Awesome! Just a day to relax and hang out!

I made my Summer To Do list. I saw the tutorial on eighteen25, and I decided I needed one. I mean, it's not like I have enough to do with my 100 in 1001 and all. ;) I'll post pictures when I can...

Shark was all over the Wasatch front looking for motorcycle parts. So that gave me plenty of time to make my to do list, I watched Waitress while I was crafting. :)

Just as Shark was getting ready to look for parts for his bike, the doorbell rang. The dogs went nuts, and Shark came downstairs all sneaky and shifty like. He had flowers in his hand! He told me the funny story about those flowers. He tried to order them from Clearfield House of Flowers, but he ordered them from Clearfield, Pennsylvannia. That's my husband, tries to outshine everyone who's local.

Then, for Father's day, we went out to eat at Golden Corral, which was awesome! And then we decided to go fishing! That was the plan, but then another plan got introduced : to go to a movie. We wanted to go fishing! So Shark, his dad and I went fishing up at Willard. Shark caught a wiper (white bass & striper mix) and I caught a big channel catfish! It was pretty awesome. I almost caught a 2nd one, but lines got tangled and the fish got away! I think Shark planned it....

While we were out on the water, there were fireworks going on somewhere far off. It was pretty awesome to see fireworks while on the water.

And that is how we spent our anniversary date!! :)

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