Monday, June 28, 2010

Real life is calling

Ok, so I've tried hard these past few weeks to post everyday, cuz I've been trying to get my POTD's in. Well, honestly, most days are consumed with work. And let's be real, no one wants to read about some little blonde girl working at baseball games. It's just not fun. And, since I've been consumed with work, I haven't been posting, and when I do post, they are 2 weeks late and I've had to pick my brain about what happened that day, and my days end up blending together. SO - from now on, the plan is to try to write about cool things that happen, well, just real things that happen. {I have NOT been making up stuff, but sometimes bad things happen that aren't cool, they are just real....} I know I have changed what I'm planning to write about alot lately, but things keep changing on us. I'll try to just post and then add pictures later instead of waiting to take pictures and thus making my post 2 weeks late.

So, here it goes : Last Friday, June 25th, I was scorekeeping, and I had a new umpire {blue}, one I've never worked with before. So I wasn't used to his mechanics and how he calls the game. Well, it didn't help that this lady with a big huge patio umbrella sat on the bottom bench, totally blocking my new blue from sight. Well, all I can say is good thing this game was a practice game {one of the teams forfeited...}.

Next thing on the list that Shark and I did. This weekend, Steve was gone on a fishing trip. Shark has really wanted to fix up their basement bathroom for a while now, well, this weekend, he did it. I picked out the color of the tile {we went with black/white/gray for better color coordination.} and Shark cut the tile and put it all in! Well, he got started Friday night {tearing stuff out}, then we went and bought the tile on Saturday, and then he finished grouting on Sunday. I've got a during picture.

Here are some AFTER pictres. (the bathroom is still not 100% clean and done, but it will be soon... I hope..)

Well, I guess we've had a busy busy weekend. Shark and I went on our carriage ride Saturday night. I didn't get any pictures on the carriage ride, I forgot my nice camera on my dresser, and all I had was my phone, and while my phone takes great pictures, if I'm moving or what I'm picturing is moving, the picture turns out like crap. So, no pitcures. So we stopped by the vistors center on Temple Square, and saw the scale model of the Temple, click THIS link to see the post about it, then we went on our carriage ride, then we walked down to the Macaroni Grill on 300 W, and ate some freaking awesome Italian food!! It gets Shark's seal or approval! {It's under the same ownership that Chili's is, it costs about the same, but it is freaking awesome! Way better than Olive Garden!! So now when we get a Chili's gift card, we're heading to Macaroni Grill!!}

Our server looked really familiar. Shark called him out, he is one of Kurt's friend's brothers. But Shark said that wasn't it. He turned to me, and said, "I think he was in that pirate movie we watched, you know, Pirates of the Great Salt Lake?" I looked it up on my computer phone and it's true!! He was in Pirates of the Great Salt Lake!!!

The movie was medocre. The mean pirate guy got his arm cut off, and it looked kinda crappy. It was fun to watch tho, still kinda awful... But I KNOW A MOVIE STAR!!!Booyah! How awesome is that?! We got a free dessert cuz it was our anniversary, and he acknowledged his movie! :) More awesomeness!! Then we walked back to our truck, up by Temple Square. it was such a nice night, the weather was great, and it was so nice to hang out with Shark, just us, to chat and laugh. It was such a good date! I'm so very much in love with him! So grateful for him, and how amazing he is!

Even when dirty and gross from cutting tiles all day, he still smiles and is so darn cute!! Love him! SEE?!

Love to all who love their comanions!! ♥

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