Sunday, September 5, 2010

You didn't know!

My brain never shuts off, so I have started to sub-consciously create a list of things I have never done!

1) I have never seen Pride or Prejudice, like the old one, that has 12 volumes or something. I have seen the Mormon version, it's cute, but I haven't even seen the Keira Knightley one.

2) Never been to a west coach beach.

3) Never eaten Pecan Pie.

4) Never made a pot roast, although Shark has.

5) Never opened my Etsy store, YET!!

6) I love cooking, but not so much cleaning...Until I get to work, and all I do is clean, I can't stop cleaning.

7) I'm still nervous about my heart. For so long, I figured everything would be okay, that nothing was ever wrong, and then I had to have open heart surgery last year...

8) My favorit candy bar is : Butterfinger, but I won't turn down a Carmello, Snickers or a Reese's Fastbreak.

9) I don't really like root beer, and I absolutely HATE orange soda! I am a carrier of TB, and when I was little the doctor's tried to fix it (I guess) and they gave me this horrible tasting liquid that I had to take with Ritz crackers, then they tried to turn it orange flavored, even worse. I can't stand Orange Soda or Ritz crackers.

10) I'm a sports fan. Any game I go to, I instantly become a fan. I even like going to baseball games. I love basketball games, and I definitly LOVE football games.

Ok-- so there are something I just realized about myself, I thouhgt I'd share. But anyways, lately, things have still be crazy. Work has been all kinds of crazy, we're a decor store, we sell all kinds of fall decorations, Thanksgiving decorations, Halloween, Christmas...Yeah, so it's been freaking crazy at work. Plus, we still don't really know what's going on with the house... SO yeah...

We will let everyone know as soon as we do, with the house. Even now, we're still not really sure....

But today we drafted our football teams for fantasy football with Shark's family. I think I'm going to do alright this year, at least IF someone picks up T.J. Houshmandzadeh... Please please please!! Yeah we'll see, between Gerrit's league and the Family league, we've got alot going on. I'll try to post about it every once in a while.... :)

Love to all who are forced to be patient even tho it's really really really hard to be patient!! ♥

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