Tuesday, September 21, 2010

any other day

Yeah right! So my awesome SIL Heather and I cleaned the whole house. Ok, so she vacuumed, and steam cleaned the carpets, and washed the walls and mopped the floor.... I painted and patched holes in the walls. Like I said, she's freaking awesome!! I just put on a 3rd coat of paint on the wall in our room. :) I'm hoping to post pictures after this weekend when we get most of the stuff moved in and into place. Or it will just be pictures of a green wall and a blue wall.... So, we'll wait until we get most of our stuff in place. But we signed the papers last Tuesday, and funded and recorded it on Friday. Heather and I went to start cleaning on Wednesday, but I didn't start painting until Friday. Until I knew it was for sure ours. We're pretty excited to have our own place. I'm pretty excited to start unpacking. It'll be like Christmas, some of those boxes contain mysteries, I have no idea what is in them, or what I have!

Things at work have been way crazy, as we prepare for Christmas, yes already. We started setting up last week, and already have a few trees decorated. I love Christmas, but I feel I'm already sick of looking at decorations. I'm just glad I'm not interested in buying things for my tree. We've had our blue/black/silver tree for 2  years now, and I'm pretty content with that. Buying red or green glittery ornaments would throw it all off. And I do have enough Christmas decorations that I am NOT interested in buying those either. Halloween on the other hand is a totally different monster itself. I love Halloween, and I would buy everything they have for the holiday, if Shark would let me. But he does not, so I do not. I did buy some decorations, but after buying from the Trading Post and from the Dollar Tree, I've said no more. So I don't buy any more Halloween stuff, but that doesn't stop me from making them!!

Speaking of Christmas, I think I've got a pretty good plan on what I'm going to be doing for presents this year. If I could just get the boys' presents figured out... Why do I always struggle with the boys' presents? Probably because I can't make them a purse or a wallet... Yeah that could be it. But I think I have most of the gifts figured out. Now just to act on my ideas and get started! :) I'm just all around excited about Christmas and gifts, not just receiving them (although I am considering mailing a box to my new address, first to see my new address with our name on it, and secondly because I LOVE GETTING MAIL!) but also giving them. I love seeing the look on people's faces as they open a gift specially for them. It's pretty awesome. But enough about Christmas : HALLOWEEN!! I'm pretty excited about our costume this year. Once I get it all done, I'll post pictures! Yeah!!

I absolutely love my husband. He went hunting this past weekend in Nebraska. Him, Steve and his friend Pickup went, so that left Heather and I as Deer-Widows. So we cleaned my house (without boys or dogs trampling over everything, including the baby) and then we hung out at Denny's late night, like way late, so late, the baby didn't fuss or cry or anything, just blinked at us as she chewed on a celery stick. Then the boys almost got stuck in WY, apparently there was a brush-fire that closed down the highway... If it's not snow and wind, it might as well be fire, right? But they got home just fine, apparently the fire was in the morning, and now one cared to turn off the sign telling drivers I-80 was closed... :)

We're hoping to start moving in some of our stuff over the week, and moving most of it on Saturday. Although, Saturday at 4:30 is a Relief Society activity in my new ward, and I want to go to that. :) We've called enough poeple to come help us, that it shouldn't take very long at all. So excited!!

Love to all who have long-lost stuff they never knew they had until they found it in a box in the garage! (I love YOU ice cream maker!)  ♥

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