Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yeah about that...

Ok, so we're still waiting to hear on the house, yeah, still waiting. BUT - I was going to work yesterday and there was a garage sale 2 houses down. I saw they had an upright freezer for $40, I asked Shark and his bro Steve to go take a look, see if Heather wanted it, and if she didn't, then I did! So, we now own a slightly yellow, slightly smelly freezer!! Yayay! If it works, it'll be awesome, cuz Shark and his bro Steve are planning on going bow-hunting this weekend, so now, if deer are shot, there will be a place to put all that venison!! Yay!

Also this weekend, I worked tons! But after work on Friday (I got off work at 6:30) I went up to the House. Our realtor called and wanted to do a walk-thru. I invited Steve and Heather cuz they have never seen the inside. We met our neighbors, very nice people, and they are young too! Everything was fine, and Saturday, Shark put new locks on the doors, cuz none of the previous tenants ever turned in keys!

Shark and I went to our new ward, and some of his friends from high school go to that ward! It's pretty awesome that he knows lots of people all over the place. :)

And pretty sure BOTH my Fantasy Football teams are losing! ugh! But I have Philip Rivers again this year, so hopefully he plays an awesome game tomorrow!!

So yeah, we're still crossing our fingers that things'll happen soon!!

Love to all who have had crossed fingers for months. ♥

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