Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Its like waiting at the DMV...

{but with a better possible outcome.....}


Yeah, so pretty sure we're still just waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I hate waiting. You can ask Shark how long I actually waited to open my birthday present... or my Christmas present... or basically anything that comes in the mail. {No worries, mom, I still have NOT opened that box you sent, the one that I can't open until we move. I packed it in a box somewhere....}

I'm not good with the whole patient thing. I thought I was. {But you know what Thought did, don't cha?!} I guess I should have realized that I'm not a very patient person. I talk to other cars, tell them to get out of my way, and yes, I am one of those foot-stompers. [Just yesterday I was in teh drive thru line at Panda Express, and the car in front of me got their food and slowly inched away from the window, I said {loudly} OH GET OUT OF MY WAY ALREADY!! and she did, but only after she looked up in her rear-view.... Yeah both our windows were open, oops. But really, I had like 7 minutes to get back to work!!

Wait, it could just be I'm not patient when I've got something to do, or somewhere to be! Yeah, that could be it.... But then how does that explain my opening gifts early. Hmm, well, I'm just excited to see what's in there!! I know it's for me, and I'm already so dang excited for the gift, might as well be more excited and tinkering with my gift!!

This house is like one of those presents, except with a BIG huge NOT YET sign. The hardest thing about it is the YET, it if was just NO, I think I could handle that, but it's the YET part that kills me. It's also the fact that we can't do a dang thing. At least with presents you can hide them from each other, so the NOT YET isn't so hard to handle. But there is nothing we can do to make this go faster. Trying not to think about it or worry about it just makes it harder to not think about it. {You know how when someone says don't think about those cookies, and then all you can think about IS those cookies?!?}

Hmmm, so lately, I have been trying to keep my mind off of the house, and since I packed some of my crafting stuff, I have started playing Lego Batman again. I've almost gotten everything in all the Hero missions, I just need to finish the Hero's and then start working on the Villians, and then I need to find all the hostages... I think I have time.

Hopefully we hear either today or tomorrow what's going down with the house. And for the record, this post did NOT help me NOT think about the house.... Yeah.

Love to those who are foot-stompers. ♥

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