Sunday, September 26, 2010

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So, there are few blogs I frequent. Well, kinda frequent. And one of my friend's blogs {ok, so we're not really friends, but she asked followers on her craft blog who would be interested in reading about her "boring" life, and I said Ooh! ME! So, we don't know each other, but I read about her life... Maybe I'll post a link to my blog, so Erika can read about my life too....} anyways, back to what I was saying, on one of my friend's blogs, she talks about things that are going on in her life. And she said it was just the same stuff, and it got me thinking. That's what life is. It's the same things over and over until something completely random and unexpected happens. For the longest time, all my posts were about Bandit, and I'm sorry but there are going to be quite a few posts still about Bandit. And now there will be posts about our house. About decorating and painting and fixing things, and that is just what it's going to be for a while.

On Erika's blog, she also posted some goals. Which made me think of my sorry looking list of goals. {Look to the left... yeah that list!} I really have been trying, and I even checked a few of them off.... I've been kinda lame and haven't been thinking of my goals at all. But, what I really need to do, is post the daily ones a paper or a poster by my dresser/in my bathroom, somewhere I'll see it every day! Because there are things I could easily be doing every day, no extra time is really needed to accomplish my goals. Some of them are more long term, or projects, and those ones I just have to plan for. First of all : I want to get my house clean, I want to put things where they belong, not just on the counter. :) So that is my first step! Then I will be constructing a budget, no we already have a budget, we just need to implement it and stick to it. I'm waiting for it turn into October to start that.

OOOHH!!! I have been trying to eat healthy lately. Less burgers, less Double-Stacks, less french fries, less soda, less grease! Cuz remember back in April when I went in to see about having babies, and the doctor's took tons of my blood to figure out why I hadn't seen my monthly visitor, and she told me I have high cholesterol? Well, it's been on my mind lately. {Plus I've a little bit of pain, I don't really know how to explain it, but walking back and forth across the Post every day, on the hunt for the ONE candlestick our inventory says we have, has started to wind me, and now it kinda hurts!} So, after the slight freak-out about having mildly high cholesterol, I have decided to eat better. It's been along time coming. Shark got a ton of elk meat from work and I hear that wild game is healthier than beef to eat. I cooked it today, and I added a whole can of mushrooms just so the meat had something to cook in, not just fry and burn! THERE WAS NO GREASE, no fat!! So Shark, go kill me some more food!! Anyways, about having babies, I'm just waiting to hear back on that supplemental health insurance...

So that's just what life is, it's the same thing over and over, and it's what is important to us. I have 5 followers, and I love you all dearly, and I know you could (probably) honestly care less what Bandit eats, or what color I painted my walls, but that's my life, and if you read it, that means you care a little right? And honestly, I write because it's something to do, it's some kind of filter so my husband doesn't have to hear it all the time {I really do just talk his ear off, not that he knows it - he's snoring most the time ;) } but this really just a kind of diary for me, it's about our life. It's about what is important to us. I don't write this blog to try to change history, or anything like that. I actually started it to try to keep my family connected to me {they are all so very far away!} and it's worked! But this blog is also where I write how I feel, what's bugging me, what's exciting, what's new, and what's important! :)

So there is love for all who read my randomness and pointlessness, just because you care... ♥

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Erika @ Oops! I Craft My Pants

Thanks so much for reading my family blog--Even if it IS pretty much only about my dogs. That means so much to me.

ALSO, thanks for leaving your blog url so I could find your amazing blog. I am loving it so far.

I love the reasons you blog. They're so similar to why I blog!