Saturday, September 25, 2010

back in the swing

So lately I've just felt unsettled. Not restless but not settled. Nothing in particular. I think I felt that way because we weren't really sure where we'd be next month or next year. Yeah I know a year is a ways away but it's still one of those useless things I worry about.

I knew we were safe at Steve & Heather's but we were still unsure of our future. Of what would happen in the next 2 months. For a while there we were pretty unsure of getting the house or not. {People have said there is a calm in my voice they haven't heard in a while.} it seems like we have a direction to go now. It's comforting to know there is a place we can call OURS. (Although, I would like to add, living with family has been wonderful, we really didn't have to worry about much, just washing our clothes pretty much.) Steve & Heather have been wonderful and amazing to let us live there, thank you so so SO much!

Pretty soon Shark and I will be getting off work around the same time now. Which will be nice, cuz then we can sit down and eat dinner together, although it'll be around 8:30pm, at least we'll have dinner together. I'm even in the process of making up a Meal Plan. I know some ladies have a weekly meal plan, I'm hoping to plan mine for 2 weeks, and then go shopping with a big list every 2 weeks. I'm also hoping to stock up and use what I've got. We'll have to see....

Shark and I are no where NEAR being unpacked. But that's one of those things that will take time. Right now, I'm trying to find my dishes. I found most of the food we had packed away. We've also got all of our clothes. I just need Shark to fix the hanger-bars in our closets so I can start hanging it all up! I've also got to find some more shelves and dressers, garage sales here I come. Part of me wishes I had a week with no work just to get the house organized. (Which reminds me, I need to find our alarm clock!)

Also in other news regarding food and my to-do list : I have decided I need to start canning food. That being said, I need to pick up one of those "Canning Starter Kits" from Wal-mart, they've got them there for $10 or something, and it comes with everything I need to can. I'll share in a bit what exactly I'll be canning.... :)

I guess, it really hasn't sunk in yet, or something. Shark and I are still ready to run. I talked to him this morning about it. He said, it feels like we're just waiting for what's happening next. Like waiting for the good times to stop, waiting for the punchline, the devastating disaster to strike, because it feels too good to be true. But really, we're where we're "supposed to be" by the views of "The Others" - we're married, we have a hosue, we both have jobs, we're both mid-20's. I'm just excited to have a place that is officially ours. A place to make ours. A place for our family.

Love to all who haven't let the good times stop. ♥

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