Monday, September 13, 2010

and a Tutorial

So, I have been wanting to get some girls together and do a cute little Halloween craft. I saw some Halloween Jars done a while back, but I cannot remember where I saw them. So I kinda just winged it, and created a tutorial while I was making them!

What you need :
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Modge Podge
  • Jars (any size will work, I have quart jars from the cupcake in a jar thing I did) *Don't buy jars! Eat that last pickle, make some spaghetti, you'll find jars all around, and it's cute to have different sizes of jars!!
  • Little brushes to apply the MP
1. Ok, cut the tissue paper into strips, it is easier to apply in strips, and easier to control around the curve of the jar. Plus it looks pretty cool with light coming from the inside.

2. Next start applying the Modge Podge to the jar, and then placing the tissue paper strips. I spaced my first layer of strips out and then put more strips in the spaces that were left. Put a coat of MP over the strips you just put on. **Don't pull the tissue paper, it'll rip.

(If I could do these over again, I would start with the end of the strip up at the top by the base of the threads, so it's even, and then cut the extra off the bottom of the strips. I kinda placed the middle of the strips in the middle of the jar, so I had some extra paper on the top and the bottom!)

3. Make sure the whole outside of the jar is covered with tissue paper, unless that's the effect you're going for. Then apply with a nice coat of MP to the whole jar.

4. Add a face or whatever accents you want to the jar. I made a Jack-o-lantern face, I used black tissue paper for the face.

5. You can add ribbon to hang the jar, or you can sit them all next to each other. I just randomly tied ribbon twice around the neck of the jar. Lots of knots and lots of loop-arounds, I don't want it to drop!

*You can get battery operated tea-lights, or you can probably use real burning tea lights. I have an idea to put them all on a shelf and put a line of white Christmas lights in them, so they all glow. But these would be way cute to line the walkway to your front door, to guide the little Trick-or-Treaters!!

Here are Heather's :

Here are Angie's :

Here are mine :

Once we get our house, I'll post pictures of where I put them for my Halloween Decor!!

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Thanks again for letting me come and do the craft with you. I had a great time and have gotten so many compliments on my jars. :)

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Oh, I am totally stealing this idea. These are great!